Our goal is simple, we are making the most elegant and sophisticated software platform for fitness facilities on the market.

In 2010, we began down this long path of building what we believe is the most efficient and well thought out business management and billing platform for niche gym owners.  Over the years, we have worked tirelessly to bring to market not only the most robust, but the most well thought out feature set in the industry

The Eco-System of our Platform scales multiple media devices

Our Vision

We look to leverage technology to streamline the process of managing a gym. This gives owners and coaches more time to do what they do best, working with their clients and building amazing communities. Feature by feature, as the years have progressed, we have quickly grown to become the most well thought thru, comprehensive platform to run your fitness facility.  And our rapid growth of these features is not slowing down!

After 3 years of hard work, we launched our core platform in 2013.  It took us about three years to build what we felt was the most streamlined and simple approach to the core of our platform – billing.  Since then, we’ve been picking up steam, as we continually launch and refine features and product lines to our offering.

Check-In Kiosk with Integrated Document/Waiver System

Well Thought Out Features

We do NOT build a feature for the sake of being able to check off the box saying we have a certain feature.  We see this happen all too much, and we feel it leads to cluttered, confusing software.

We spend our time here trying to think how to do this BEST, not how to do things just like everyone else does.  As a result, many of our features and solutions are a result of us thinking out of the box and building things very different (or new) to industry norms.

Showcasing Our Practical Understanding: Pre-Orders

One instance of this is our Pre-Order system.  As we understand cashflow is tight for niche gyms, we built a system that allows owners to pre-sell new apparel or other items which carry a cost of good sold to their clients.  PushPress lead the industry by building the first (and to this date, only) Pre-Order management system that addresses many of the issues with selling products in your gym.

Case Study: Jamie Hagiya's Fan Shirt Pre-Order

Learn how Jamie Hagiya used the PushPress Pre-Order system to quickly and easily raise funds for her 2017 CrossFit Regionals appearance.

Partial Feature List

As it stands today, for one flat price, our clients get all these features and more:

  • Membership and Subscription Management
  • Lead Intake and Funnel Management
  • Coach and Staff Management
  • Automated and intelligent Waiver and Document Management (UESA and eSign compliant)
  • A free WordPress plugin which actually looks like your site
  • Appointment and Private Training Sales and Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Zapier Triggers and Actions to allow for data from in and out of PushPress to over 500 connected systems.
  • Product / Inventory Management
  • Kiosk POS Sales Solution
  • Simple Client Invoicing
  • Check-In Management and Access Control Systems
  • A Pre-Order System for advance product sales
  • Class Scheduling and Publishing System
  • Class Reservation System
  • Members Portal for self-service client Management (v2. coming soon!)
  • Numerous Integrations (Slack, Mailchimp, SugarWOD, Beyond the Whiteboard, AutoPilotHQ, Google, Facebook, and more!)
  • A TV Screen Display system (Classes, Workouts)
  • Precise and Simple Reporting
  • An App Store to allow for unlimited growth in precision areas)
  • And much more!

Thank You To Our Existing Clients!

We are fully committed to re-investing heavily into the continued growth, development, and support of our platform.  Our team’s dedication has insured PushPress’s continuous improvement over the past 3 years to propel us into a top tier service. Your continued support is instrumental to the future of us here.

Grow With Us!

The push forward should never stop.  Not at your gym and it certainly does not stop with us here at PushPress.  While we have launched an amazing number of features and products in the last couple of years, the future is looking even better.

In the coming months and years, we will look to broaden our App Store with deeper integrations with other systems (we believe the “all-in-one” concept is a fallacy (read, read more, read even more) and have embraced working with other software leaders).  We’re pushing forward with a complete redo of our Member Portal app for your clients.  We’re about to launch our revised waiver system we’re calling Documents 2.0.  And there’s a bunch more on our immediate timeline.

We would love to see if you might be a good candidate as a PushPress client!  If you would like to see if and how PushPress can help you, simply schedule a 10m call with one of our consultants today!

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