It’s been a crazy year of growth here for us!  We have been PR’ing monthly in every category we track and the one I’m most happy about is the number of gym owners we get to help daily. Our mission here isn’t just to be yet another platform. Our mission is to help our gym owners succeed in their businesses.  In fact, I tell our team here daily….

We want to give our clients a competitive advantage in their local marketplace over non-PushPress gyms.  

When we work on our system, we approach it conceptually from this standpoint.  

Will this feature give our clients a competitive advantage?

If we were merely duplicating the efforts of those systems ahead of us, the answer is easily “no”.

This is why we use our decades of collective gym ownership experience coupled with our close ties to our community of gym owners who provide us excellent feedback to shape (and reshape!) a product that does not necessarily follow in the footsteps of those before us.

Price Increase Coming - Act Fast!

Our pricing is going up.  Become a client before August 1st, 2017 to lock in pricing at $79.  Schedule a quick 10m call with one of our gym-owning success reps now to see if you qualify to be a PushPress client.

Back when we started charging for this product, we announced that our Pro plans would eventually be $137/month. As we were scaling up we allowed early clients to lock in at a reduced rate.

This month, we are closing in on that promise.  In the last 12 months we’ve knocked out all the final pieces were on our roadmap from so long ago.  I wanted to take this time to recap some of the features we’ve launched in the last year.



One core criteria for our clients was the ability to quickly book appointment time, whether it’s charged or not. Our appointment system, in conjunction with Google Calendars, will keep both you and your clients on time for private training sessions or other one-on-one type meetings.

Appointments have the ability to accept payments, and can be booked in “multiple session” lots, allowing you to charge for 10 Private Training sessions up front and using those credits to book future appointments.

PushPress Appointment System
PushPress App Store

App Store

A critical consideration of ours is we do not want to become overweight and bulky. Once a system begins building every feature for every potential client, it becomes overbearing. Too many options and too many decisions leads to decision fatigue and often causes indecisiveness.

To combat this, while still affording us the ability to grow and offer niche solutions, we’ve introduced the PushPress App Store. The App Store already has 20 extensions you can enhance your PushPress system with!This allows you to turn on functionality as you need it, but not have to deal with it if you don’t.

Digital Documents (Waivers v2)

Our industry leading online waiver system was one of the first things we feel we innovated back when we first launched.

We simplified the process massively for entering and editing your online waiver.  In the process, we also made signing waivers crystal clear and easy. We also built it to work as a cornerstone of our check-in app, so those with an unsigned waiver could sign it before checking in.

Since we built that we’ve found even more ways to make our process better and fill the need for agreements like a “Rhabdo Waiver” or a “12 month discount agreement”. Thus, Digital Documents was born.

With our new Documents, you can assign a document to a Person, Plan, or Discount. Doing so will automatically assign the document to users as needed. Stop taking precious time remembering to manually assign people contracts and discounts and let the system do it for you!

Our new multiple document signature process is as beautiful as it is easy for your clients to sign. It also meets or exceed all UETA and E-SIGN requirements for legally binding electronic signatures (something we found to be kinda important!).

PushPress Digital Documents
PushPress Digital Documents
PushPress Check-In App

Check-In App v2

Our recent refresh of the Check-In app lowered the average check-in time from 7 seconds to 3 seconds per customer. To us, every second is critical and we’re proud of that improvement!  It was also beefed up to have the unified look and feel of our other apps, giving your gym an ultra-professional aesthetic.

The Check-In App runs in conjunction with our Digital Documents feature.  Any documents a customer might have to sign will be presented them for signing before they are allowed to check in. It also works with our Reservation system, so people who have pre-registered for a class will have a quicker experience.

Store Kiosk App v2

A massive overhaul to our original Store App brings a ton of additional features! Operating in kiosk you can opt to let your customer check out in a self-service manner. If you prefer to staff a retail area, you can operate it in coach mode for additional abilities like adding a guest sale or giving comps or discounts.

The new Store Kiosk will also let you sell punchcards. We found a super awesome solution to walk ins was pointing them to the Store and asking them to buy a punchcard, then letting them instantly check-in using that punchcard via the Check-In app.

PushPress Store App v2
PushPress Payroll


Key to running your gym is paying your coaches and staff.  However it’s a burdensome process.  In fact, as we found out while running our gyms, if you don’t have a system in place, you’ll easily eat into 2-4 hours a week tracking your payables and cutting checks.  That’s up to 16 hours a month! That’s 15.5 hours too much in our opinion.

Our payroll system allows you to assign a per-coach value on classes they coach. It also allows you to break pay levels up by class types.   It also automatically tracks payments due for Appointments sold and booked as well as a monthly profit share option for coaches who manage their own client book.  It does all the heavy lifting and you just approve and cut checks!


In our opinion, those “all in one” systems have it all wrong.  You cannot do it all.  This is why we’ve brought in the App Store, as well as this awesome integration!  Zapier allows you to connect your data, in real time, with over 500 existing web applications.

Look, there’s no way we can build everything everyone needs and build it as amazing as we’d like.  With Zapier we get the best of both worlds. You can push data out of PushPress when key events happen and pull them into PushPress from outside systems as well.

Setup is made for novices, so there’s not a huge technical barrier to entry in use. Heck, even our Chief Product Officer (who’s not a computer geek) could even put together this video on how to set it up without any of our developers showing him how to do it!  That’s how simple it is.

PushPress Payroll
PushPress Payroll


One critical feature we needed to have before our push to full priced Pro Plans was invoicing.  A common and key piece of a system like ours that was not built initially.  What else can I say about this one? You can sell products and run them on an invoice. Close them out all at once to reduce your merchant processing fees.  Pretty simple stuff.

The one thing nice about our invoicing is we’ve made it work with our Store Kiosk v2 (see below) so your clients can have the option of adding items to an invoice when checking out. You get to control if they can do this or not, in case you want to charge everyone immediately for products they buy.

Enhanced Reporting

We’ve beefed up and added some key reports in our system as well as added data download in almost every place a report exists. This way you can download and see your data in any way you please.

We’re in the process now of radically revamping our metrics, which will give owners access to some critical data.  When looking around the industry we realized that many other systems (along with ours!) was lacking the clear and clean reporting of many key numbers that indicate the health of your business.  I’m really tempted to share more, and show some screenshots of the work in progress, but I want to keep this under wraps for now.  It’s that good.

We’ll be announcing this upgrade soon, so keep your eyes out!

PushPress Payroll

Thank You To Our Early Adopter Clients!

I wanted to personally say thank you to our early adopters.  From Sam Karroll at Shadow CrossFit, who literally joined our service the day we launched back in 2013 to Heidi Dehnel of Core Strength and Performance who literally joined us as I type this… we appreciate you all. Your support and passion about your business gets us up every day and keeps us from sleeping at night.  We work tireless for you in the pursuit of excellance.

It’s been a hell of a ride, but I don’t think we would want it any way. Here’s to the next 12 months being as successful as the last!