One of our core tenants here centers around the concept that the “All In One” concept is inherently flawed.  One key argument to this is that you lose the ability to pick and choose the best solution that fits your needs.  In an all in one system, you have to use the system that has been rolled into the platform you are on.  If it doesn’t suit your needs, it’s not an option.

Back in the beginning of PushPress we were positioned to be an all in one.  The project that made us realize how foolish that would be was workout tracking.  We realized really quick how monolithic of a task that was do to GOOD (we don’t believe in just checking the box and building mediocre solutions).  Even if we nailed it, we realized half of the population wanted data-centric workout tracking and half of the population wanted a social-centric solution.  So at best we would appease half of our clients while failing half.

What If Our Clients Get To Choose?

That’s the question that changed our whole approach.  Instead of competing with workout tracking systems, work with them.  Give our clients the power to choose the absolute best system – or none at all if they don’t want or need workout tracking.  That would allow us to focus on building the best core system we can, while letting the workout tracking systems focus on doing just the same.

Another clutch benefit to this approach was we could work in new systems as they appeared on the landscape.  Ones with fresh approaches, new technology, or vision.

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Announcing our Kilomodo Integration

While this has been out of a private beta in our App Store for a bit now, we’re ready to announce this to the world.  This integration takes all our previous integrations to the woodshed – and has set the bar for where our other workout tracking integrations will go.

What The Kilomodo Integration Will Do

  1. Automated Account Provisioning – This is the non-sexy but essential aspect of the integration.  This will send member information over the Kilomodo when new members join your gym.  That will give them access to your Kilomodo account and send them an automated invitation to download the app and join.
  2. Automated Account Clean Up – Another essential component of the integration.  This will automatically let Kilomodo know when people quit your gym and allows them to remove that person from your gym on the Kilomodo side.
  3. Workout Syncing and Display – Automatically will pull all workouts over from the Kilomodo side and display them on your PushPress screens without any additional work on your end. Just program your workouts on Kilomodo and they’ll show up on your screens on the day they should.
  4. Check-In Notifications (future) – Whenever a client of your checks into the gym, we send Kilomodo a message letting them know.  In the future, Kilomodo will build a push notification service to those clients if they haven’t logged a workout after a few hours of check-in.  This feature is not live yet.
  5. Kilomodo Activity Notifications (future) –  As activity happens on the Kilomodo side, we will be notified.  These actions include things like PR’s achieved, Workout logged, Respect given, and Comments made.  Why do we care about these data points? The more engaged your clients are – and the more results they are achieving – the more likely they are to be a client with increased longevity.  Knowing this and displaying this along with your client profiles can help you make important decisions.  This feature is not live yet.

To enable your Kilomodo Integration, simply login to your PushPress Control Panel and navigate to the App Store.  Click on the Kilomodo Application and enable it.  You’ll be able to connect (or create) a Kilomodo account right from there and you’ll be off and running.

Don’t Buy An All In One – Build One

We will be having a few more announcements like this in the coming weeks and months.  Stop buying an all in one business management solution, and start building the perfect one with PushPress.


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