Fast Speed WebsitesDoes your website drag?

88% of web browsers will leave your site and not come back if they have a bad experience. The number one culprit of bad experience is slow pages. We’re living in an age of instant gratification. You have to give your potential leads what they want, when they want it, fast! If you don’t – they’ll become your competitors leads faster than your website will load! This is why you cannot overlook the importance of website load speed.

Google values speed. A lot.

They have indicated site speed is one of the primary signals used by its algorithm to rank pages (Speed is now a landing page factor for Google Search and Ads | Web)

Why does page speed matter?

Because Google values user experience above all. Bad user experience leads to lower search ranking. Google knows that slow loading websites can ruin the user experience, so it comes to no surprise that the giant search engine puts major value on the speed of your website.

Boost Conversion Rates

Boost conversion rates with fast speed websites

Where can I check my website’s load speed?

You can see your website’s load speed score on desktop and mobile devices using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. Simply type in your website’s URL and click analyze.

Tips on improving your site’s speed

There are many factors that can have a major impact on how fast your site is going to load. Poor use of images tends to be the number culprit for slowing down your site. Below are a few easy fixes you can do to improve your sites speed:

  1. Optimize Your Images

The number 1 mistake website owner makes is not optimizing all images on their site.

  • Resize image files to no bigger than 125KB.
  • Image sizes should be between 795×300 pixels – 1440×960 pixels
  • Fix the resolution of your images. Resolutions should be between 72dpi – 92dpi. Anything bigger than that will make an image unnecessity large.
  • Make sure they’re in PNG or JPG format.

    2. Get Rid of Carousel Sliders

  • These are very common in fitness sites. They always seem like a good design idea, but they are not integral to your website’s success and will slow your site down.

How fast are PushPress’ Sites?

PushPress Sites is currently working to optimize speeds. The PushPress V3 Websites are built with an emphasis on page speed. Not only will they look great, and tell your story, but they will be the fastest gym sites available. Hands down! Upon initial testing, our top Google PageSpeed Insight has hit an amazing 94!!!!

Create Momentum in Your Business with a Faster Website

PushPress Sites will give you the power to engage more members with faster speeds. We can do all of the work for you so you’ll have a lighting fast website ready in no time.


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