Outside Fitness Class Operations, Level 1:


As we continue to battle the coronavirus, we need to make our businesses as fluid as possible. Some state and local governments are forcing gyms and studios to shut their doors. But this does not mean shutting down businesses.


Over the next few weeks, we’ll be covering how to effectively run your business outdoors. Not just getting workouts outside, but how to run a thriving business outside of your four walls.


Now more than ever, people need us. They need fitness, nutrition, camaraderie. They want to work out with you.


So let’s make it happen.

 This is the first of three levels that we will cover in relation to taking your workouts outdoors. The levels range from running classes on-site, but outdoors, to running classes at a fully remote location, off-site.


In this checklist, we’ll focus on the micro gym that can simply move all necessary training gear to an outdoor location adjacent to their normal training venue.  This includes a patio, back or side yard, and a parking lot.  Here are the things to consider and check off as you prepare:


Operations and Tech:


  • Check-in/Attendance tracking device(s) (tablets/phones fully charged)
  • Whiteboard, markers, spray or TV/rolling mount, extension cords, remotes/batteries
  • Clipboard, paper, and pen(s) for coach notes
  • Cleaning materials, buckets, spray, towels, extra masks, gloves, and any extra sanitation equipment
  • Portable first aid and or close access and awareness to the AED
  • Instructor cell-phone and charger
  • Portable music device with speakers
  • Trashcans with extra liners + clean up supplies
  • Shade tents/EZ-ups
  • Coolers with ice and ice water
  • Tape and/or cones to mark individual training areas, walking lanes, and dedicated rest areas
  • Rope/caution tape to distinguish or block between training and parking areas
  • Personal chalk and/ chalk substitute


Programing and Equipment:


  • Daily programming notes including desired training intention, scaling options, and targets
  • All warm-up and training equipment necessary for the days training needs including variations for scaling options staged appropriately in warm-up and training areas


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