The number 1 mistake gym owners make with their website is a weak CTA (Call to Action).

A call to action makes it clear to potential clients which action to take next and helps remove any confusion as to what the client needs to do next to join your gym. It is typically written as a command or action phrase, such as “Sign-up” or “Join Now.”

Why is it important?

Among other things, a strong call to action is one of the most important elements of your website, as it directs people, and lets them know what steps to take next. If you don’t have a clear call to action, your potential client will likely leave your site without accomplishing a simple task.

A weak CTA

Many Gym sites have a Call to Action, however, most of the time they are not ‘’actionable” or are very passive. Some of the most common ones include “Request Information,” “Get Started” or “Learn More.” Now these aren’t necessarily bad, but they aren’t as clear as you can get them to be. Just say exactly what you want your potential client to do so there is absolutely no confusion.

Take Action

Communicate confidence in your product with a stronger CTA! When you have a weak CTA you unintentionally communicate to your potential client that you are not confident with the services that you provide. Below are examples of strong CTA’s that can get your potential leads to act:

  • “Schedule your Consult”
  • “Start your Free Trial”
  • “Sign up for a No Sweat Intro”
  • “Get your Pass”
  • “Book a Free Session”

CTA Tip: An effective call to action should be a short phrase, not a sentence. Most are no longer than five to seven words.

From our very own

Before: Take for example PushPress Client Clifton Bennet from CrossFit Adrenaline.

CrossFit Adrenaline Before


After: We took him from a very polite “Request Information 👍” to a more actionable

“Get Your No Sweat Intro Today!” 🔥


CrossFit Adrenaline After


What’s your CTA?

Make your website more effective by making your CTA more actionable. If you need help coming up with a unique CTA, simply Schedule a call with us today!