Introducing the Kilomodo Workout Tracking App on PushPress

January 1, 1970

The back half of 2017 has a intense focus on Integrations into the PushPress ecosphere. We've spent the last few years hard at work building out core system and constructing the shell of our extensible platform. and now we're gearing up to leverage that.This week we took Kilomodo out of Beta and we're pretty pleased with the rich level of integration we've achieved with their team. Our initial rounds of workout tracking integrations have been pretty simple administration stuff. These integrations were meant to help owners with housekeeping issues such as keeping members correctly added or removed from your workout tracking solution. This was meant to eliminate the double work situation owners are presented with in keeping their member lists up to date.Our new Kilomodo integration goes well beyond this to show the true power of intergrations between PushPress and outside specialist systems. This integration will do the following:

  • Member syncing. This is the basics of the integration, which will add new members to Kilomodo when needed as well as remove them from Kilomodo when they are no longer a member of your gym. This will reduce all the overhead you will face in keeping your gym in sync on both sides. Also, it will remove human error issues - such as forgetting to add or remove a person to Kilomodo when necessary.
  • Workout synching. Every time a workout is published or edited on the Kilomodo side, we will be notified with the contents and track information of the workout. By doing this, we're able to automatically publish the workouts to your PushPress Screens without any interaction on your end.
  • Check-In notification. Whenever a person checks into class on the PushPress side, we send Kilomodo a check in notification. While this isn't functionally doing anything on their end just, it opens the door for some cool stuff down the road, like being able to send a push notification to users via the app an hour after they attend a class asking for results.
  • PR notification. As your core member management solution, it's important for us to know who is more or less likely to churn as a member of your gym. Things like attendance and results are important in understanding if a client is a rock star or needs some additional attention and work on your part. Getting PR notifications from workout tracking systems will help us evaluate this.
  • Comments / Social notification. Similar to PR notifications, how engaged a client is with your community plays a huge role in their potential relationship with your gym.
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