Three Steps for Maintaining Your New Year's Gym Goals

Maintaining New Year's resolutions can be challenging. 2022 is halfway over, so now is the perfect time to revisit your January gym goals and finish strong.

Sam Karoll
July 27, 2022
Three Steps for Maintaining Your New Year's Gym Goals
Maintaining New Year's resolutions can be challenging. 2022 is halfway over, so now is the perfect time to revisit your January gym goals and finish strong.

Did you set New Year's resolutions and gym goals in January? If you’re like many people, your motivation for achieving them may have started to fade around February. Finding the motivation to keep pursuing your New Year's resolutions can be challenging. 2022 is halfway over, so now is the perfect time to revisit your New Year’s resolutions and finish the year strong.

Set Your New Year’s Gym Goals

Everyone has made a New Year's resolution at least once in their life. People write down their promises on pieces of paper and some even post them on social media for the whole world to see.

Resolutions can be anything from a fitness goal, to a diet goal or even a personal development goal. Understandably, the most popular New Year's resolutions typically include diet and fitness plans. Everyone wants to start the new year feeling their best after indulging throughout the holiday season. But as the year unfolds and our attention is diverted to other things, we can lose sight of the goals we set only six months ago.

If you’re ready to start pursuing your New Year’s resolutions again, the first step is to revisit your list and reevaluate where you may need to update your original goals.

How Do I Set a Gym Goal?

Setting a goal to go to the gym sounds great, but if you don't have a clear plan, your motivation will be short-lived. If you’ve fallen off with your New Year’s resolution to spend more time in the gym, revisiting your original goal is step number one.

Start with being realistic. You can achieve more than you think is possible with realistic goals and a plan to achieve them. Where did you fall off with your original New Year’s resolution? Find that sticking point and make a plan to help you succeed when you start pursuing the goal again.

How Do I Plan For Success?

For your gym goals to succeed, you need to take time to create an actionable plan you can stick to. This includes everything from figuring out where and when you want to workout to what gear you will need and which habits are helping vs. deterring you.

Make a list of your goals, then add a column with a list of potential obstacles you might face. Preparing for obstacles from the start helps you come up with a plan for how you will face them if/when they occur.

Establish a Process for Achieving Your Gym Goals

Set Mini Goals

One of the best ways to achieve your larger gym goals is to set mini goals. Setting smaller goals enables you to focus on one specific area of your workout or fitness at a time and gradually build up to your larger goal.

Make Your Gym Goals Public

The best way to stay on track and reach your New Year's resolution in the gym is to make it public. Tell your friends and family or post about it on social media so you can't back out of your commitment. One of the best ways to make your goals public is to involve your friends in them. This can include inviting them to join you in your next workout or try a new healthy restaurant with you.

Track Your Progress

Whether you're a seasoned vet in the gym or brand spanking new, tracking your progress will help you stay motivated to achieve your end goals.

To track your progress, you can use an app on your phone, write in a journal or set up a spreadsheet on your computer. Our newest mobile app, Train, makes it easy for you to log your workouts, review past results, track your progress and achieve your goals in the gym. Head to PushPress to schedule your Train demo today.

Reward Yourself

Keeping up with new habits is challenging and it’s important to reward yourself for small wins in the process. Whether it’s buying new gear, going to your favorite restaurant or taking a fun trip, make sure to build in different rewards along the way to achieving your gym goals.

Gym and Fitness New Year Goal Ideas

A fitness goal doesn't have to be huge! Start with small goals and work your way up to larger goals throughout the remainder of the year. For example, try extending a 30-minute workout to an hour, or working out 1-2 additional days each week. If you’re tossing your old resolutions and looking for some new ones to pursue, try these New Year goals for adults:

Hold a Plank

Planks are a terrific form of sustained isometric exercise and are an effective way to build a strong, toned core. You can hold an extended-arm plank (aka push-up position) or challenge yourself by going down to your forearms. Start with a smaller goal, like holding a plank for 30 seconds and work your way up to 1 minute, 90 seconds or as long as possible.

Try a New Fitness Class

Signing up for a new fitness class is one of the best ways to hold yourself accountable to achieving your gym goals and is a great way to get your friends involved. If you want to shake up your routine, invite a few friends to a CrossFit class or local Bootcamp. Not sure which type of workout to try? Check out this blog on ClassPass. It’s an easy way to try a wide variety of studios, gyms and workouts to find what you like most.

Train for a Race

If you're looking for a new challenge, sign up for a local road race. You don't have to run- many times you have the option to walk or bike. Whichever method you choose, racing is a great way to mix it up from your usual gym workout and enjoy the outdoors. An added bonus? Races are fun to experience with friends and often benefit organizations in the community. Plus nothing beats that feeling of crossing the finish line and collecting your goodie bag, medal and customary post-race brew.

What Are Some Frequently Asked Questions?

Does Having a Personal Trainer Help You Achieve Your Gym Goals?

Yes, having a personal trainer can help you achieve your fitness goals. Personal trainers can provide additional motivation, accountability, feedback and structure that you might not get working out alone.

What Are the Most Manageable Gym Goals?

The most manageable goals to achieve are those that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. So if your goal is to lose weight, make sure you set a specific weight you want to achieve. Decide how you will measure it, whether that’s by progress photos, how your clothes fit or on the scale. Have a specific end date by when you will achieve it and make sure your goal is realistic and attainable based on your starting point.

Do this with any gym goal you have and it will be manageable to achieve, whether that’s weight loss, hitting a new PR, body recomposition or learning a new skill.

What Are the Most Challenging Gym Goals to Keep?

The most challenging gym goals to maintain are ones that take a long time to achieve because they lack instant gratification. Fill in the blank, but most gym goals are challenging to keep if you don’t break them up into smaller milestones.

For example, if your New Year’s resolution is to lose 20 pounds by December 31, it would be better to set a goal of losing 4 pounds per month than losing 20 pounds. This goal is specific and measurable, more attainable and realistic and it’s time-bound. Many fitness goals are challenging to maintain but are achievable with the right planning.

What Are the Benefits of Having New Year Goals?

Starting the year with new goals is a great way to get back on track after the holidays. Whether it's eating better, working out more often or taking care of your health in general, setting New Year goals helps you frame the year ahead and maximize your personal growth.

Why Is It Hard to Keep a New Year’s Resolution Gym Goals?

One of the reasons so many resolutions fail is that people are too focused on the prize. The end goal might be getting to your ideal body weight, but there are many steps you have to take along the way to achieving that goal. Losing weight starts with changing your mindset, making small changes each day and staying consistent. Stay focused on the process over the prize and you will find it much easier to keep your New Year’s resolutions.


The best way to achieve your New Year’s resolutions is by taking small daily steps toward your goal, whether that’s in the gym, at work or in your personal life.

The three steps for maintaining your New Year’s resolutions are to set your goals, establish a process to achieve them and reward yourself for your success along the way. Any goal is achievable when you take the time to prepare, work through obstacles and stay consistent. Dominate your year with SMART goals and finish strong!

Sam Karoll

Sam is our Community Manager for PushPress. He also owns and operates Xplore Nutrition, a personalized nutrition coaching service designed "for your lifestyle and goals by a Coach who's always available."

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