This Gym Owner has 4 Logo Tattoo's Floating Around

February 24, 2020
This Gym Owner has 4 Logo Tattoo's Floating Around

I recently talked to Logan Gelbrich of Deuce Athletics on The gymOS Podcast. Talk about a dude so smart, he's on another level. He's doing something right that we had to unpack.Logan has 4 or 5 (and more soon?) Deuce locations, he's written a book about how to methodically pursue your dreams, and he teaches a seminar to teach his framework for developing coaches.(and he's soon to be yet another PushPress client - see.. told ya he's smart ;) )If you haven't had a chance to check that out yet - do it now, this post can wait.

deuce gym crowd shot at his fitness studio

If you listened, you caught that he has 4 Deuce Athletics tattoos floating around the world on coaches as well as clients.I don't know about you, but I've never been able to get a client to tattoo my gym on them! So it got me thinking, what would it take?As he discussed in the podcast, I think one of the key factors to getting someone THAT bought into your mission is through a very well defined coach development process.How does that lead to your clients getting neck tattoos with your gym logo? Let me explain...

deuce gym management software coaches

Your coaches are your front line to your business (if they aren't - they will be once you get to the point you can step back and focus more on the business).If they aren't bought into your mission, educated, and empowered to deliver life-changing experiences and educational transformations - you cannot deliver a product that would compel someone to tattoo themselves with your business.I already knew the importance of coach development, but Logan made me realize he's got this stuff on a whole 'nother level.If you need the cliffs notes on how Logan has built this experience - here's the Cliff's Notes. (you can jump to 32:00 in the podcast.

Logan's Model for Excellent Coaching

1. Coaches Must Have A Technical Base of Coaching and MovementThis is the most obvious and where almost all coaches stop. If you cannot set, build, and teach the standard for movement in the gym, it all falls apart. This means you have to have a basic level of fitness, movement, and technical understanding of human movement.Having this level of ability means you're actually selling a product at your gym and your coaches are able to sell and provide that.

gym software presents deuce athletics gym coaches

2. Coaches Must Be Able To Hold Their Craft in ContextWhat this means is coaches have to be able to see the big picture. While they need to understand that they're teaching and providing a service of fitness and movement expertise, but they also need to understand it's really not about the fitness and movement for everyone.Everyone has a need and a reason that they come into the gym, and that's unique to each person. In other words, your coaches cannot miss the point of it all for each person - on that person's level.3. Coaches Need To Get Inside Of LeadershipOnce coaches have these first two things down, they need the opportunity to get inside leadership. They need to be able and empowered to be able to take a tribe of clients and take them down their path of success.They need to be able to explore avenues to do this that is personally interesting to them, and ideally they need to be empowered to develop products and services within your business to allow them to continue to grow.Anyhow, if you haven't checked out this episode yet, do that. And if you haven't subscribed to it yet, you should do that now. We're going to keep talking about really key things in the gym ownership space, and it might just benefit you.

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