Fortune requires leverage. Business leverage comes from capital, people, and products with no marginal cost of replication (code and media).  

Naval Ravikant
May 31, 2018 Tweet

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Your smartphone is a robot – it makes you more efficient

If you’ve followed along here for any length of time you’d understand how bullish we are on using technology in your gym.

Until recently, I wasn’t able to really succinctly explain why technology is so important.

It wasn’t until I listened to this podcast that I was able to get a really clear grasp on why technology is so critical to success in today’s business world.

In it, they spoke about the tenants of becoming wealthy. One tenant is using “robots” to do work for you.

For the sake of this article, I’m going to use the word “robot” interchangeably with “technology”, “your phone”, “apps”, “crm” and any other tech-based widget that you can use to save yourself time or automate tasks.

Today we’re going to explain WHY you need to learn to use robots to grow your business, and how you can easily do that with an official PushPress partner – Zapier.

Robots are an entrepreneur’s best friend.

Unlike their human counterparts, they:

  • Don’t get tired.
  • Won’t complain.
  • Execute exactly as expected, 100% of the time.
  • Won’t date or steal your clients (OOOOF)

Robots, however, do pose a few problems:

  • They are perceived to take a lot of expertise to build.   (Perceived? Read on to see why)
  • They’re only as good as the person who programmed them.
  • They can only execute. They cannot think, solve problems outside of their programmed skillset, or be creative.

The Case For Robots

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Building a robot used to be really hard. Not so much today.

The pros of working with robots are pretty clear.

Growing your business requires more things to get done and you can only do so much yourself.

Hiring more people to do things is an inefficient solution because more people generally means more problems.  Humans are messy.  We make mistakes, have emotions that cloud judgment or performance, and have personal issues. People have opinions, and they talk back.  People need rest and don’t like answering emails or doing tasks at 2 in the morning.

Robots have none of these qualities. They’ll work tirelessly for you, day in and day out with precision.  Building an army of robots will allow you to trust that key operations are getting done – allowing you to focus on core things that robots cannot do.  

Those things that best suited for a human to handle.  Like analyzing a person’s diet and psychological state to advise them on a nutrition plan going forward.  Or grabbing a coffee with a longstanding client and learning about their life – so you can see how you can fit in to solve their immediate needs.

Simply put, if you want to start scaling your business – to take more clients, to earn more revenue – you need to deploy robots to help you automate your repeatable business processes.

The Cons Against Robots

PushPress gym management software zapier no code

Zapier no-code automations means you can build a robot army without this…

Until recently, the case against robots was fairly simple.  It required a massive amount of expertise to build a functioning robot you can rely on.

Technology, over time, has gradually reduced this expertise.

In the 50’s you would have to have access to a lab, materials, and a mechanical engineering degree to build a robot.

In the 80’s you had to have access to a computer, some books, a degree in computer science, and maybe a mainframe.

Today, you need an internet connection.  That is it.

Because today, there are systems out there that allow non-technical people to do things like build “robots” as if they were building a lego set.

Zapier – The Gym Owner’s Robot Toolkit

With that introduction, I’d like to turn every gym owner onto Zapier.  The world’s easiest (and free) way to build automations and integrations on your own, without needing to know how to program or code at all.

Most gym owners know about Zapier, but they haven’t really thought thru creative ways to solve their in-gym business processes and issues.

Zapier is a drag-and-drop based system that allows even the most non-technical person to build robots in minutes. It’s so potentially powerful in how it can free up your time I almost consider Zapier as a required skill set for any modern business owner.

PushPress – Integrated with Zapier since 2015

PushPress Gym Management Software works with ZapierWe’ve known about the power of Zapier since before it was cool in the fitness world. We’ve been pushing our owners to out-think, out-operate, and “out-business” their competition since our inception – and Zapier has always been part of that arsenal we have our clients deploy.

Interested in how PushPress works with Zapier?  Check out our official partner page on Zapier today to see some of the ways you can use PushPress with Zapier!

PushPress Clients – make sure to check out our Zapier App inside the PushPress App Store today to get started.  If you need some inspiration or help with Zaps, we would encourage you to chat about it in the PushPress Facebook User Group. There are tons of smart owners there today who can help you build the automation of your dreams.