PushPress™ Digital Documents

Digital Documents Designed To Make You Look Brilliant

Our digital documents make you look professional while collecting and storing virtually any type of agreement.

From general release liability waivers to gym policies to membership contract terms and everything in between.

A game changer for us!  No more paper and pencil waivers.  PushPress makes us look so professional!  Love!!!

– Trina K

PushPress Documents

A system so elegant and robust it can handle any form of agreement you might need in your gym.

From waivers to contracts, this system has you covered while making you look professional.

Sign on any device, anytime

“Pass me a pen” … said no one ever. on creation a document link is emailed to the member to sign on their smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Personal Customization

Documents can be personalized with things like the member’s name, date of birth, and more.

Personalization data can be automatically injected into each document, effortlessly.

E-Sign and UETA Compliant

We don’t expect you to be an expert in E-Sign and UETA compliance, or have even heard of it before, but I would bet you if you are ever in the unfortunate situation defending a gym related injury case, the prosecuting lawyer sure has, and no matter how well your waiver is written, it will be no-repped faster than a 3/4 squat. In short our digital documents are legally enforceable. There is a strict checklist of must-have’s to conform to. Here is a longer digestible summary.

Verifiable Intent

Easily add check-boxes throughout the document to add additional validation that members have read and understand what they are signing.

I haven’t seen anything close to this from competitors.  It’s been clearly thought through from a gym owners’ perspective.

– Mike M

Secure Storage, 24/7 Access

Throw away the filing cabinet.  Never dig for a signed agreement again.

Documents are attached to a member profile, for easy and secure storage.

Version Control

Your gym policies change over time, so do Local, State and National laws.

With  PushPress Digital Documents, you will never be confused about which version the member has signed.

Revoke old versions at any time and let the system do the rest!

Bulletproof Waivers

Rest easy knowing everyone has signed all the documents they need.

We have fail-safes in place to ensure a member signed a waiver before they can complete the check-in process.

Automated Contracts

A smart system means less work.

Assign contracts to discounts, and anytime a discount is used for a member, they will be required to sign that contract.

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