Powerful Automations for the Power User

Instant Member Update

Every time a member’s data changes, including their membership status, we will send this information over to Autopilot.

This real time interaction can enable you to build some pretty powerful custom customer lifecycle automations.

Advanced Journeys

With Autopilot, you have unprecedented control of intricate journeys – without needing to be a code junky to pull it off.

With a simple drag n’ drop editor, Autopilot offers the most intuitive control of your communication workflow.  Setup conditional communication journeys based on the interaction of your customers.  From “did not read” to “clicked” and everything in between!

Multiple Communication Streams

“When someone doesn’t read this email, wait 2 days and then send them a text message”.

Simple, logical communication plans allow you to maximize your chances of connection.  Autopilot supports communication over email, sms, a heads up message embedded on your website, and even postcard delivery!