Coach Plus

Attract and Retain Professional Coaches

Professional Coaches are the lifeline of your business.  Along with your programming and facility, they are the product that is being put in front of the clients.  Great coaches are coaching and interacting with your clients off the floor more than they are on the floor, and deserve a pay structure that encourages that.

A Different Approach To Coach Pay

The Coach Plus Plugin for PushPress unlocks key features which will help you automatically track and pay coaches on a percentage of their assigned business.   This will give each coach the incentive to provide clients with excellent service and attention, while giving them the ability to build up a stable salary within your business.

Assigned Client Payroll

In the Coach Plus process, a coach will be assigned clients to manage.  They also will be assigned a split based on a percentage of each client’s monthly membership dues.

This way, the coach is incentivized to provide the client with the best possible service, ensuring they remain clients for as long as possible.  While accumulating a client base, the coach is establishing a salary – based on the percentage of overall business the coach manages.

Referred Client Payroll

Referrals are the life blood of your business.  If your coach provides great service to their clients, their clients should be funneling friends and family into your business. 

Reward your coaches for filling their own lead funnel by offering a percentage split on Referred Client membership dues as well.

Example Scenario

Let’s say your coach Mary gets a referral from an existing client and bring the referral into the business as a client.  The client signs up for a $189/month membership.

You have established an “Assigned Member” pay of 35% for Mary and a “Referred Member” pay of 8%.

Mary will get $81.27  ($66.15 “Assigned Member” pay plus $15.12 “Referred Member” pay)each month this new client is a member.  

If Mary can find and keep 50 members similar to this member,  Mary will have bulit her monthly base salary to $4,063.50 ($48,762 annually).

The Base Salary Is The Foundation

In the above example, this monthly salary becomes the foundation of the coach’s earning potential.

From there additional earning potential comes from teaching beginners, private training, coaching breakout skill sessions/seminars, doing goal setting and follow ups, etc.

In this model, it’s not unheard of for enterprising coaches to have six-figure earnings potential.

Coach Plus Plays Well With Business Systems

Coach Plus was modeled after the Mad Lab Group business system payroll structure, but it plays well with most sophisticated business systems that offer a percentage based pay structure for your coaches.