Making Sense Of Fitness

CrossFit btwb Workout Tracking

CrossFit btwb is the oldest workout tracking and performance analysis system in the CrossFit space, having been around since before CrossFit became a household name.

A data powerhouse, CrossFit btwb can crunch numbers like no tomorrow. Giving both you and your clients some very important performance data about every workout they complete at your gym.

Automated Client Management

Our CrossFit btwb integration fully manages all client onboarding and provisioning for you.  Simply onboard a new member to your PushPress system and they will be provisioned an account on your Beyond the Whiteboard system automatically.

When clients leave your gym, they’ll be removed from your CrossFit btwb system as well, saving you the time and headache of having to administer this.

Workouts Direct to your PushPress Screen

(coming soon)

Saving you time and making your business look and run professionally is our goal.  When you publish your workouts on CrossFit btwb, we will automagically put that workout on your PushPress screen when it’s time.

All workouts will be organized and displayed correctly with no effort on your behalf.