Facebook Marketing

Instantly capture and track Facebook audiences and conversions

Audience Building

Facebook offers you the ability to push hyper targeted ads to your local customer base. Without proper audience building, however you will be throwing your money away.

Simply enter your Facebook Pixel ID in our admin area, and you will automatically being building your Facebook Audience on all customer facing pages PushPress touches.


Conversion Tracking

Whenever any type of conversion takes place, we track that using Facebook Conversion Tracking.

Without conversion tracking, it’s impossible to understand the value of any marketing you do.  We track how much each lead and client is worth to you, on average and push those values to Facebook as they occur.

Lookalike Audiences

Unlock the power of Lookalike Audiences on Facebook. When using our automated Audience builder, you can easily build lookalike audiences which extend your potential marketing reach 10x or more.