Kilomodo Workout Tracking

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Automated Client Management

Our Kilomodo integration fully manages all client onboarding and provisioning for you.  Simply onboard a new member to your PushPress system and we will let Kilomodo know there’s a new account to provision on their end.

Kilomodo Workouts Direct to your PushPress Screen

Saving you time and making your business look and run professionally is our goal.  When you enter a workout on Kilomodo, we will automagically put that workout on your PushPress screen, when it’s time.  All workouts will be organized and displayed correctly with no effort on your behalf.

Two Way Communications

Our integration with Kilomodo goes well beyond simple account provisioning.  We’ve built a full blown two way communication process with the Kilomodo system.  This will allow them to notify us when key actions happen on the Kilomodo side (like a PR!).