Raise Your Workout Experience

SugarWOD Workout Tracking

A workout tracking experience your clients will love!  Workout programming, distribution, tracking and social engagement is a snap with SugarWOD.  With our fully integrated solution to SugarWOD you can get the all the benefits of their remarkable system with no dual-system management blues.

Why We Love SugarWOD

If you’re looking for a fan-favorite app to get your customers engaged in your workouts and tracking their development, it’s SugarWOD.  Simplistic and minimalistic, yet easy and fun to use, it’s sure to get your members engaged!

Automated Client Management

Our Sugar WOD integration fully manages all client onboarding and provisioning for you.  Simply onboard a new member to your PushPress system and they will be invited to download the Sugar WOD application on their smart phone and invited to join the community.

SugarWOD Workouts Direct to your PushPress Screen

Saving you time and making your business look and run professionally is our goal.  When you publish your workouts on SugarWOD, we will automagically put that workout on your PushPress screen when it’s time.

All workouts will be organized and displayed correctly with no effort on your behalf.

It’s Awesome. We use PushPress Screens to automatically display our SugarWOD workouts in the gym. No More writing/erasing the whiteboard everyday.

Brian Cook

CrossFit Swarm

The SugarWOD integration has been awesome! We display the workouts in around the gym and coaches can change workouts with a remote in their pocket. No need to walk to a computer!

Barry Pepper

Pepper Fitness

PushPress + SugarWOD is FREAKING AWESOME. ‘Nuff Said.

Nick Habich

Crossfit Cape Coral