PushPress is the #1 Wodify Alternative

Why PushPress is the Ultimate Gym Management Solution

Unlike Wodify, PushPress is built from real-world experience. As a team of gym owners ourselves, we understand your struggles, and what it takes to run a successful fitness business.

Our goal is to empower you with smoother operations, faster payments and unmatched support.

Gym Management Platform Software by PushPress

What Makes PushPress
Better Than Wodify?

Ensuring Timely Gym Payments (2–3 days)
Wodify controls your Stripe account, leading to reported payment delays up to 14 days.
Streamlining Gym Administrative Tasks
Provides administrative tools, but some tasks may require multiple steps to complete.
Accessing Superior, Live Customer Support
Wodify offers email-only support, lacking live options, delaying response times.
Flexible Transaction Fee Management
Wodify's free version enforces a fixed 7.5% fee, non-adjustable, kept by Wodify.
Reducing System Downtime
Occasional service downtime reported by users, affecting operational reliability.
Marketing and Lead Conversion
Provides CRM tools but falls short of PushPress with its extensive workflows, automations, and marketing materials.
Simplifying the Switch from Another Provider
Lacks support in the migration process, leaving users to navigate the switch independently.

The Top Three Reasons
to Choose PushPress

Get Paid. Faster.

PushPress offers quicker, more reliable payments than Wodify. This ensures your gym’s financial stability with timely payouts and direct Stripe integration, for enhanced security and transparency.
Get Paid. Faster.
Keep it Simple.

Keep it Simple.

PushPress features a user-friendly interface that streamlines your admin tasks. By saving you time and reducing the steps required for daily operations, you can focus more on your community and gym growth.

Experience the Industry’s Best Customer Service.

The live support from PushPress, staffed by experienced gym owners, offers unparalleled technical and operational assistance. This ensures you’ll get swift issue resolution and minimized downtime, unlike Wodify's slower, email-based support.
Experience the Industry’s Best Customer Service.

PushPress vs Wodify:
To Help You Compare

Meets Requirements
of use
Ease of use
of Support
Quality of Support
of Setup
Ease of Setup
of Admin
Ease of Admin
Partner in Business
(% positive)
Data pulled from G2 Customer Satisfaction Scoring as of Winter 2024.
“The numbers don’t lie. It all would have been impossible with Wodify. I wouldn’t have been able to make that switch (to a flourishing business) without PushPress.”
CrossFit Arioch
after increasing his membership base, LEG (length of engagement) and overall revenue since switching to PushPress
“We moved from Wodify and have had a much better customer experience on PushPress… It has helped automate a lot of work that was very time consuming and the system does it more efficiently than we ever did manually.”
Rónin CrossFit


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