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  • Simple Switch! 3 hours of your time.
  • ​0 Member Loss. No revenue impact.
  • 100% Guided Playbook. No guesswork.
  • Earn Up To $1000 Doing The Switch!
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Our passion: Serving our clients.
Employee Owned: Answering to no one but you.
Killer Support: Response times in minutes, not days. 
We hire gym owners who understand the platform and the business.

3 Hours.  5 Days.  5 Guided Webinars

Our no nonsense challenge will jump start your new business systems:
  • Complete setup of PushPress, ready to rock and roll.
  • Import of your membership base.
  • Kicked off billing migration (0 loss of members guarenteed)
  • 💰Bonus: Earn Up to $1000 using our Pre-Order System to migrate

Our Unique Process Allows You To Actually MAKE MONEY While Switching

Our PRE-ORDER system onboards your members and their billing.
Offer your clients a unique piece of apparel to show their support.
  • Done For You: Proven emails, marketing and system setup is included in this challenge.
  • ​Turnkey: We have pre-negotiated killer rates on apparel for you to pre-sell.
  • High Quality: One-P has been providing high quality custom apparel since 2014.
  • ​Drop Ship: Your clients will have their apparel shipped to them directly from One-P.
  • Sneak-Migration: When customers order, their credit card is saved to their account.

💰 How Much $ Do You Want To Make? 💰

Up to $500

Custom Branded Face Masks

  • Unique: We have pre-negotiated killer rates on apparel for you to pre-sell.
  • Custom Branded: One-P has been providing high quality custom apparel since 2014.
  • ​Relevant / Timely: Your clients will have their apparel shipped to them directly from One-P.

Up to $1000

Gym Support T-Shirts

  • Higher Margin: T-shirts are proven high-margin items that your members love.
  • ​A Show of Solidarity: A way to show support, solidarity and to remember these crazy times.
  • Timeless: T-shirts never go out of style and are always needed.
PushPress Clients ❤️ Us 
"PushPress is so easy to use. The company clearly cares about making a product that meets the needs of its clients and wants its members to succeed."
-- Amy Eubanks, CrossFit New Heights
"You guys are awesome! Thank you for all of your hard work and kindness. :) "
-- Tiffany, Stroller Strong Moms, Billings
"PushPress Free made my business so much easier!"
-- Marcus, Elevated Fitness Co.
"Best customer service... I've never worked with a company that cares so much about their clients...."
-- Amanda Ruhl, CrossFit Lynchburg
"So simple, easy to use, and yet powerful!  The customer service is amazing too!"
-- Brian Garrett, Telluric Tactical Training
"PushPress is so user friendly... it has everything I need and options I didn't even know I needed. "
-- Joey Hoey, Fitness Coalition

Already Using Stripe?

Wodify and Triib Clients
We can migrate your billing information over for free
using Stripe's secure data transfer.
  • Free Migration Challenge
  • Free Gym Software
  • ​Free Consultation
  • Free Guidance

Get everything you need to migrate for FREE.

- Free Migration Challenge (this!)
- 2 Months Free PushPress Pro Platform ($280 value)
- Free Migration Assistance ($500 value)
- Free Consultation & Guidance ($1000 value)
- Free Support Community and Accountability (Priceless!)

* After 60 days you are free to downgrade to PushPress Free - $0/month gym software + processing rates starting at 1.8%

In 3 short hours we will walk you through the entire process:

- Setting up your PushPress System
- Importing your Members
- Setting up your Membership Plans
- Setting up a Product Pre-Sale
- Advertising the Pre-Sale
- Attachment Members to Membership Plans
What Are You Waiting For?
Hate Your Gym Software?
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What makes PushPress better than the other gym management software?
We feel there's 2 main thing that seperates us from the rest:

1. We are built by career long software engineers, entrepreneurs, and business professionals who actually OWNED gyms.  This unique insight mixed with our professional capabilities gives us a massive leg up against our competition who generally do not own gyms nor understand firsthand how to build technology.  

2. Since we own gyms and are a part of the gym ownership community, gym owners are important to us.  We care for and relate to our clients more than any other platform out there - because we are gym owners too.
How is your customer support?
So good we don't even call it "support". We call it "success".

See the answer above - but we understand what it's like to be trying to run a gym and have a question on how to use the software.  We attempt to answer every question to our success team in minutes.  

This is because we care about our clients and we know how it feels to try to run your gym and have your question answered 2 days later. (that's useless)
What are your Merchant Processing rates like?
Our merchant processing rates start at 0.8% (PushPress PRO ACH).  Credit card rates are Stripe standard rates: 2.9% for PushPress PRO.  Free accounts are +1.0%.
How long has PushPress been around?
We built on our first platform and onboarded our first clients in 2013.  We've been around a bit.  To date, thousands of gyms have trusted their business with us.
Can I really get a system up and migrated in hours, not weeks?
Absolutely!  Our system is so easy to use, and our success team is here to do some of the heavy lifting with you!
We will take you through 5 short webinars covering very simple and concise topics - one per day.  Each webinar will have time for questions and answers.
How effective is a pre-order migration?
Massively effective - especially if you have something unique and awesome to sell.  This COVID era provides such an opportunity.

We've had clients migrate 100% of their gym using our pre-order migration process, and earn $1000's doing so!  It's not crazy.
I have some members who will quit if I ask them to migrate... how will this work?
Easy - you migrate the ones you know are NOT at risk. 
You leave the ones that ARE at risk on your old system. 
Once you gym is able to reopen (COVID) start having conversations with your at risk members (you need to get them in anyhow).
If the revenue from your at risk members exceeds the cost of your old software system, force the issue and get them to cancel or join up.
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