The Brand X Method® x PushPress

Everything You Need to Run a Strong, Profitable Youth Program at Your Gym.
*Must be a Train customer to access The Brand X Method® Programming.

Why Choose The Brand X Method®?

  • Brand X Method® gyms get 17% off all PushPress products (where applicable)
  • Brand X Method® programming directly input to your Train app
  • $200 off of PushPress Grow set-up

The Brand X Method® offers a strength-and-conditioning program specifically designed for kids and teens. Our mission to "Do What is Best For Kids™" is reflected in our youth programming:

  • Proven and progressive with over 20 years of excellent outcomes
  • Increases competence, confidence and motivation to live a healthy movement rich life
  • Provides incremental progress, improving retention while solidifying movement and expanding functional capacity
  • Expands functional fitness to includes physical literacy and play
  • Improves positional and dynamic strength to help guard against injury
  • Supports mental health through age appropriate bio-psycho-social development

It is adaptable to any child, sedentary or athlete in any environment from austere, low-gear settings such as elementary PE classes to well-equipped training facilities such as D1 prep schools and commercial gyms."

With The Brand X Method® x PushPress

Create multiple workout programs
Integrate with your PushPress Core system
Keep track of individual and group progress
Easily schedule and distribute workouts for your members
Increase member retention
Create real engagement with your members

Why The Brand X Method® Gyms Love Train

Easy Member Workout Tracking

The Train Mobile App makes it easy for your members to log their workouts, review past results and post comments or ask questions all from inside the app!

Built-in Community Engagement Tools

With beautifully designed TV screens powered by a $40 Amazon Fire Stick, you can keep an eye on all members that booked a class without referring to your computer.

Track Workout Performance

Keep track of all leads and clients that you're responsible for in one dashboard. PushPress allows you to set custom appointments for personal training depending on your availability and requirements.

Find the Right Package for Your Gym

The Brand X Method® offers different programs depending on the age of your participants!

The Brand X Method® Bundled Program

Kid’s Program for 5–11 years old, Teen’s Program for 12–17 year old


‍Includes access to Brand X® Resource Library.
Cancel online anytime.

First 50 sign-ups get a FREE online Youth Strength Course — a $299 value!
Bundle BOTH programs together for $69/mo!
Kid’s Program

5-11 years old


‍Includes access to Brand X® Resource Library. Cancel online anytime.

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Teen’s Program

12–17 years old


Includes access to Brand X® Resource Library. Cancel online anytime.

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Stop Using Systems That Hold You Back

Don't let your workout tracking system limit you. Your gym is unique. Your members are unique. The workout tracking system you use shouldn't hold you back.

Integrated Session Plans and Workouts

Brand X Method® workouts and session plans are automatically loaded into your Train account, saving you time and letting you get back to coaching.

Lead With Data

Know exactly how each member is performing by analyzing workout data to lead them closer to their fitness goals

Create An Experience They Will Love

Add emojis, pictures, or videos to their workouts or inside group chats to celebrate your members and give them an experience they will love.

What are you waiting for?

The future of workout tracking is here. Are you ready to give your members the system they deserve?
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Got Questions? We’ve got answers.

Do I need to be a PushPress customer to use Train?
PushPress is award winning gym management software

Yes. We've focused a lot of effort into building a really strong integration between PushPress Core and Train. But if you are an Online Trainer, book a demo and we'll help you figure out if Train is a good fit!

How much is The Brand X Method® Programming?
PushPress is award winning gym management software

Kid's Programming - $59/mo

PreTeen/Teen's Programming - $59/mo

Bundle both programs for $69/mo!

Ok I’m in! How do I get The Brand X Method® into my Train account?
PushPress is award winning gym management software

Just click the link above to log into your Train account, and you can start accessing The Brand X Method® in minutes!

Is there a contract?
PushPress is award winning gym management software

No. Nada. We're not fans of contracts. We only create products we know our gyms will see value from.

How does Train sync with my PushPress system?
PushPress is award winning gym management software

Yes, when you are ready you can turn on the member sync and sync members between platforms