Need some advice or help planning and starting your new gym?  Our Startup Guide has free resources and articles to help you open your studio on the right foot.
Measure Twice, Cut Once.

Planning Phase

There are 100 places to fail your new business, and 90 of them are in this phase.

Before you even consider opening your new gym, make sure to read all the articles in our Planning Phase library.  These articles will answer many of the key questions you will need to answer when setting up your business.

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10 Key Things To Do When Negotiating Your Lease

10 important things to cover in your lease negotiations. Don’t get burned on a bad lease because you were misinformed.

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10 Tips To Pick The Perfect Gym Location

Finding a suitable location will likely be the hardest part of your initial phases. This article contains all the pitfalls and things to know about location hunting.

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Metrics You Need To Understand

MRR, Churn, ARM’s, LEG’s and more! If you don’t know what these mean to your business, you’re not a business owner.

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5 Legal Traps To Avoid When Starting Your New Gym

Pay attention to the five most common legal traps you may encounter as a new gym owner.

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Partnerships: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Ask 100 gym owners if you should take a partner or two in your business and 50 will tell you yes and 50 will tell you no. Find the pros and cons of partnerships here.

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Designing Simple and Clear Pricing

When it comes to membership and pricing options, less is more! Check out this article for 7 concepts straight from gym owners on creating simple and clear pricing.

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5 Mistakes New Gym Owners Make (and how to avoid them)

Before you lay your first dollar into a new gym – start here.

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Corporate Structure Decisions

C-Corps, S-Corps, LLC’s oh my! There’s benefits and reasons to pick each. Knowing why you would want to use certain corporate structures over others is critical.

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It’s Showtime!

Opening Your Doors

You’ve laid the foundation and now it’s time to gear up for the final push to your grand opening! As gym owners, we’ve been right where you are (and we’ve also made mistakes along the way). Use the articles in our Opening Your Doors library as a guide, and let us help you avoid the pitfalls we faced.

Your Founders Club Sales Plan

Quickly ramp your initial members to create much needed cash flow before you get your doors even opened. Follow our blueprint to establishing your “Founders Club”.

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How To Maximize Social Media To Attract and Retain Customers

Using social media can effectively increase your visibility and reach! Maximize this return on your investment by approaching social media smarter, not harder.

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How To Host The Perfect Opening Day

Your new gym is finally ready but there’s one thing still missing…the people. Time to plan for your GRAND OPENING! Let us help you plan for your perfect opening day with some helpful tips from the people who have done it.

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Top 10 Tips to Opening a Gym Smoothly

Start on the right foot when opening your business operations with these ten tips!

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6 Steps to Becoming a Slime-Free Salesperson

Opening a gym means you will immediately become a sales person. Your sales process and ability will be the biggest factor to your success or failure.

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Planning Equipment and Floorspace

You’ve picked out the perfect space for your gym, now it’s time to plan how you are going to optimize it.

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Social Media Checklist

Setting up a Facebook or Instagram is easy. But setting up your entire digital presence to work together needs a recipe. Here it is.

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Settling In.

The First 90 Days

So you’ve opened your doors…now what? The first 90 days can help set the tone for your business moving forward. Check out the articles in The First 90 Days library and let us help you launch your business into success! Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Don’t Go It Alone – Find a Mentor Today.

Even mentors have mentors – and you should too.

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8 Profit Hacks For New Gym Owners

Profit. It’s not a dirty word. In fact, it’s what will keep your gym alive and thriving. Without it, you cannot pay coaches a fair salary nor reinvest in your facility.

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How To Create Marketing Advocates and Get Free Marketing

You’re in the relationship business, so it’s time to use those relationships to help you market your gym.

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Launching Retail Sales: A Playbook

Ready to take on retail sales? Hear what other gym owners say about what works and what doesn’t.

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Planning Growth of Equipment and Classes

Don’t make the mistake of offering too many classes and buying too much equipment – read this first!

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7 Things To Know Before Hiring Coaches

Your coaches can make or break your gym — let us help you hire the right people!

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