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Episode 01: The gymOS Podcast Intro

The gymOS Podcast from PushPress is coming soon!

We will sit at the intersection of Fitness and Business, helping boutique gym owners become better business owners.

— Dan Uyemura

Full Episode Transcript

Dan Uyemura: Welcome to The gymOS podcast, helping fitness professionals become better business owners. One episode at a time.

The only time better than yesterday to learn how to run a better gym today, running a highly profitable gym is tough. If you’re listening to this now, you’re likely a fitness professional who suddenly found themselves playing business owner. I’m gonna bet that you hate it when your clients come to you with some type of quick fix fitness idea: ways to get a six pack overnight while eating all the bacon they want (and they probably saw it on a Facebook ad or maybe some late night television). As a fitness pro, you know that stuff doesn’t work. It’s the foundational changes that work. They have to change their diet. They have to change their workout regimen. They have to make it a habit. Turning your gym into a thriving business is no different. You’re probably being sold a bunch of quick fixes to your problems. As much as it frustrates you when your clients come to you with these quick fixes, it kills me. When my clients are buying into these quick fixes idea. There’s a whole industry out there that’s preying on you guys as gym owners and your problems to try and help you turn your gyms around.

My name is Dan Uyemura. I spent the last decade of my life first building and running gyms, and then helping gym owners as the CEO of PushPress. To help fix this glaring problem, I’m bringing to you The gymOS podcast, where every episode we’re gonna dive deep into the key business concepts to improve the health of your gym and help you move from a fitness professional into a business expert. If you think you could benefit from an open and honest conversation about running a better gym, subscribe to this podcast.

I’m gonna take everything we’ve learned here at PushPress and deliver them to you. A podcast designed to give you something actionable to do so you can make your business better little by little. After investing countless hours into the details of business for PushPress, I’ve realized that everything I’ve learned I can put to use for you and this makes sense because PushPress and your gym are essentially the same. We’re both service based businesses. we both rely on recurring monthly memberships or subscriptions to keep our business growing, we both need to provide great customer service and have a great product or else customers are gonna leave us for something better.

In The gymOS Podcast we’ll unearth key business concepts, practices and ideologies that work from a local coffee shop to the Silicon Valley unicorn and we’ll translate them into ideas you can use to build a rock solid gym. You can expect me and my guest to share big ideas, crazy stories, and simple hacks that will make the difference in your gym.

I’m Dan Uyemura, your host, and I’ll see you soon on The gymOS Podcast from PushPress.

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