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PushPress is the only gym management software that allows for easy integration with 3rd party apps

You're tired of managing your gym with an all-in-one solution. They don't allow you to build a system that fits your business needs, and they are expensive!

Imagine having the ability to create a custom gym management solution tailored for your gym. With PushPress Integrations, you can select from hundreds of integrations with the best 3rd party apps in the industry. No more paying for features you'll never use!

Here are some of our favorite examples

James set up Slack to message his staff if a member fails a check-in.


Mike uses Zapier + PushPress Grow to text message his staff as soon as a new lead comes in.

Grow + Zapier

Jane set up a visit milestone tracker with Zapier. Now she can reward members when they hit 100, 200, 300 check-ins.


Brook tracks lead conversions from her PushPress Sites Landing Pages with the Facebook Integration.

Facebook + PushPress Sites

Rachel set up the Mailchimp integration to automatically send ‘First class attended’ date, so she could drip nicely designed timely emails to each new client.


Jacob converted his gym to 24hr access by sending each Member Status to Zapier to manage access control.


Explore our Integrations

Driven Nutrition

Instantly save hours of time and earn more revenue with our 1-click Driven Nutrition pro shop

Featured | Sales


Add a personal touch without the personal effort through automated messages that reach your customers at exactly the right moments.

Marketing | Communication

Facebook Ads

Integrate Facebook marketing pixels on your system and track conversions automagically

Marketing | Data


Nutrition coaching will allow you to expand your reach, increase your length of engagement, increase your average revenue per member per month, and help your clients achieve results faster!


Store App

Stand-alone app designed to allow your members to self-service retail purchases at your facility.

PushPress | Retail

Check-in App

The Check-In App is designed to be used as a kiosk. Install it on a tablet at your front desk and members will self check-in that way.

PushPress | Attendance

Screens App

The Screens App is designed to be used on a TV, mounted on a wall in the gym. There are 2 parts to this app, Classes mode and Workout mode. Its a great companion app to the PushPress Check-in app and strongly recommended.

PushPress | Attendance


Effortless Payroll Management Save hours a month - let PushPress track your coach payroll for you.

PushPress | Attendance | Staff

Pro Coach

Incentivize your coaches to drive and keep more business with our Pro Coach Plugin

PushPress | Attendance | Staff


Publish and display your workouts at your gym.

PushPress | Workout Tracking

Member App

Allow your members to self-serve register for classes, update their personal information and more.

PushPress | Attendance | Members


Manage your digital agreements with your clients using our full featured Digital Documents system

PushPress | Legal


Accept Direct Debit payments from your client bank accounts. 1% Fee.

PushPress | Payments


A completely managed local search marketing and website system directly integrated with your PushPress Core system.

PushPress | Marketing


Performance tracking, meal/macro tracking, and custom 'squads' make Beyond the Whiteboard the most versatile tracking system on the market

Workout Tracking


Performance tracking platform with a focus on community and simplicity

Workout Tracking


Capture new leads from your website, app or blog and then nurture them with personalized messages. Automate repetitive tasks like educating new subscribers, assigning leads, booking appointments and following up sales leads.

Marketing | Communication

Full Contact

Search social networks for more in-depth information about your clients and potential clients automatically



Generate leads from Instapage directly into your PushPress system.



Build amazing relationships with your leads and clients with a single piece of software - email, text, staff management, and proven follow- up strategies.

Marketing | Communication


Communicate more effectively with your team. Private channels for specific topics, and PushPress system notifications will take your staff’s interaction with your business to new heights!

Communication | Staff | Featured


Sync your PushPress data with other systems - no coding required!


Google Analytics

Integrate Google Analytics tracking to key sections of your PushPress system + website.

Marketing | Data

Build your Dream System with PushPress Integrations

Eliminate double data entry by connecting your other business apps together.

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Maybe we are currently building it, or maybe its not on our radar but you think it should be... let us know and we can start that

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