CrossFit Affiliate Programming (CAP)

Data-driven programming, class plans, daily coaching development tools, and logistical support for your affiliate.

PushPress does not charge a Delivery Fee for Train subscribers.

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*Must be a CrossFit Affiliate in good standing subscribed to Train to access CAP.

Why CrossFit Affiliate Programming??

"Daily coach development is what will set CAP apart,” said Nicole Carroll, CrossFit’s General Manager of Training and Education. “CAP's daily video instruction by leading Seminar Staffers will focus on education for coaches, who in turn will improve the experience and outcomes for their members.”

Here's what you get:

  • Four programming tracks, daily class plans, and video tips built for your affiliate.
  • Daily Workouts and Scaling Options: Seven days of programming with multiple scaling options delivered weekly on Mondays.
  • In-depth Class Plans: Daily class plans, complete with coaching notes, warm-ups, and timelines to help you and your coaches facilitate the Workout of the Day.
  • Compete Track: Seamlessly implement the Compete track with your class programming to prep for the Open, target weaknesses, or start a specialty class.
  • At-home/Equipment-free Workout Options: Limited equipment and equipment-free training options that coincide with the daily class workout.
  • Extensive Video Support: Daily and At-Home workout overview videos highlight workout stimulus, coaching tips, and more from coaches and affiliate owners just like you.
  • “Work Your Weaknesses”: Four supplemental workouts per week are designed for members who want to target stamina, strength, or specific skills.
Park City Fit x Train by PushPress

With CAP x PushPress

Workouts loaded weekly
Integrate with your PushPress Core system
Keep track of individual and group progress
Easily schedule and distribute workouts for your members
Run a profitable Affiliate
Create community within your affiliate

Why CAP Gyms Love Train

Easy Member Workout Tracking

The Train Mobile App makes it easy for your members to log their workouts, review past results and post comments or ask questions all from inside the app!

Built-in Community Engagement Tools

With beautifully designed TV screens powered by a $40 Amazon Fire Stick, you can keep an eye on all members that booked a class without referring to your computer.

Track Workout Performance

Keep track of all leads and clients that you're responsible for in one dashboard. PushPress allows you to set custom appointments for personal training depending on your availability and requirements.

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*Must be a CrossFit Affiliate in good standing subscribed to Train to access CAP.

Stop Using Systems That Hold You Back

Don't let your workout tracking system limit you. Your gym is unique. Your members are unique. The workout tracking system you use shouldn't hold you back.

Integrated Session Plans and Workouts

CAP workouts and session plans are automatically loaded into your Train account, saving you time and letting you get back to coaching.

Lead With Data

Know exactly how each member is performing by analyzing workout data to lead them closer to their fitness goals

Create An Experience They Will Love

Add emojis, pictures, or videos to their workouts or inside group chats to celebrate your members and give them an experience they will love.

What are you waiting for?

The future of workout tracking is here. Are you ready to give your members the system they deserve?
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Got Questions? We’ve got answers.

I am already a CrossFit Affiliate Programming customer. Can I still use Train?
PushPress is award winning gym management software

Yes! With the CAP x Train integration, CAP programming and session planning will automatically be uploaded to your Train account each week and you'll have the power of Train workout tracking at your fingertips!

Do I need to be a PushPress customer to use Train?
PushPress is award winning gym management software

Yes. We've focused a lot of effort into building a really strong integration between PushPress Core and Train. But if you are an Online Trainer, book a demo and we'll help you figure out if Train is a good fit!

How much is CAP?
PushPress is award winning gym management software

CAP is FREE to all CrossFit Affiliates in good standing!

I already subscribe to CAP through another platform. Can I switch to Train?
PushPress is award winning gym management software

Our all-inclusive programming provides daily coaching videos, programming notes, warm ups, cool downs, scaling options, affiliate support, coach development resources.

Ok I'm in! How do I get CrossFit Affiliate Programming into my Train account?
PushPress is award winning gym management software

Just click the link above to log into your Train account, and you can start accessing CAP in minutes!

Is there a setup fee?
PushPress is award winning gym management software

There is no setup fee.

When do I receive the programming?
PushPress is award winning gym management software

The programming for the following week is released by Friday (at the latest) of each week. We also send out a pdf of the main Affiliate programming to share with your coaches.

How does Train sync with my PushPress system?
PushPress is award winning gym management software

Yes, when you are ready you can turn on the member sync and sync members between platforms.