PushPress Free™ Early Access

Pay as you go pricing makes growing your gym up less costly.

Helping Early Stage Gyms Grow

We are beta testing a new concept:  PushPress Free™.

Find out if our $0/monthly fee platform can help your business grow today!


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PushPress Free is best suited for growing gyms.  Take our quick calculator to see if you would qualify for Early Access to this program.

Program Details

Removing the fixed monthly fee allows growing gyms to reduce their overhead when cash flow is tight.

With PushPress Free™ your pricing is simple:

1.8% / ACH
3.9% / Credit Card
USA Clients only

Switching to our Pro plan is as simple as one click, when the time comes to move to a lower per transaction rate!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are you doing this?

We are doing this because we are seeing the growing gyms in our industry being squeezed, and we want to help.  Our competitors have begun a series of price increases recently, which has put additional pressure on many growing gyms.

2. What’s the catch?

Simply put, there’s no catch.  You will get your PushPress platform free of monthly fixed costs.

You will pay a 1.0% premium on transactions, which is how we can make some money to continue reinvesting in making PushPress the best system possible.

3. What are my transaction fees?

For USA Clients, ACH will be at 1.8% and credit cards will be at 3.9% while you are on Free.  International rates will vary and be available soon.

4. What’s the break even?  When should I get off Free?

When your monthly billing is $14,000 and up you should switch your plan to Pro.  Anything under that, you should use Free.

5. How do I know if this is right for my business?

Take the savings calculator here to see if it’s right for your business financially.

If you’re billing over $13,900 a month you would consider using our Pro system.

6. I am an existing client, can I switch to Free?

We are taking Early Access guests to test this program out right now.  Once we get past the Early Access phase, you can switch.

7. Can I switch from Free to Pro at any time?

Yes.  Talk to a Customer Success representative or make the switch from inside your PushPress Control Panel.

8. When will this be available for non-USA clients?

We are doing an exploration into this service for USA clients to start.  Once we formalize this program we will begin offering International Free plans at +1% over your country’s merchant processing rates.