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Are You A Thought Leader in Fitness, SaaS or Business?

We are looking for well versed professionals in the fitness, saas or business spaces who can deliver some great value to gym owners who are looking to expand their business acumen.

The gymOS Podcast Episodes

Episode 04: Mike Doehla – Stronger U Nutrition

Dan Uyemura, PushPress CEO, and Nick Reyes, PushPress CHO, travel to New York to sit down with Mike Doehla, the CEO and Founder of Stronger U Nutrition, to discuss how his company is changing the nutrition industry.

Episode 03: Nick Reyes – Chief Happiness Officer of PushPress

Listen in as our CEO, Dan Uyemura, sits down with our very own Chief Happiness Officer, Nick Reyes.  Nick chats with Dan about a ton of things, including why “Happiness Officer”, fitness trends in 2020, and how to properly pee in a urinal under the duress of the US Marine Corps.

Episode 02: Why We Started PushPress and WHY It Matters to Your Gym

Learn the WHY behind PushPress. In this episode, Dan goes solo and discusses his history as an entrepreneur, as well as the backstory of PushPress, including the tipping point for its creation. He also dives into why he believes the counterculture mindset is such an important part of the PushPress framework and why being a gym owner has become part of the hiring process.

Episode 01: The gymOS Podcast from PushPress Intro

The gymOS Podcast from PushPress will sit at the intersection of Fitness and Business, helping boutique gym owners become better business owners.

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