Website Integration

Self sign-up pages on your website

Sell on-ramps, recurring subscriptions, events and drop-ins right from your website. Its easy with our auto-generated pages.
Expect to see a higher conversion % with our pages as they are all single page, don’t make it any harder than necessary for prospects to commit to comming to your gym.

Plays nicely with others

Integrated and shared data with your other tools

Its absurd to think one piece of software can run your entire business. The key here is to have the best in breed component for each facet of your business available at your fingertips and communicating with each other.
To run a successful a gym you want to be armed with the best tool available for that specific task. You want the best billing platform, the best workout tracker, the best email marketing drip campaign software, the best accounting software etc, you get the idea.
PushPress™ is set up to push and pull relevant data between complimentary software where it makes sense. Its so seamless you will think its an all-in-one. We are not aiming to give you a tool thats a 7/10, you want 10’s across the board!

Sell any Membership Type

Recurring subscriptions, Punchcards, 1-on-1 Private Sessions, Events, Seminars, Courses, Non-recurring, Drop-ins, etc

I think you get the idea, it doesn’t matter how complex your membership plan structure is, we can handle it. And best of all we make it simple and not confusing.
Need to limit how many times a person can come per week, or say per month, no problem, we take care of that and keep track of everything.

Check-in, Waiver & Validate

Use our custom native app to verify members have a valid account and valid digital waiver

Easy to set up Digital Waivers will ensure you are covered for every member checked in to class. Convenient to sign on Phones, Tablets and Desktop.
Signed waivers are stored in the cloud on Amazon S3. Backed-up and safe, yet able to access instantly.

The PushPress Check-in App is available on iOS, Android and the Amazon App Platform. ($50 tablets yo!)

Product POS

Sell Apparel, Sports Drinks and Supplements in seconds, not minutes.

Hands down the fastest way to sell product at your gym. With the native Tablet App, available on iOS, Android and the Amazon Fire Tablet, you can charge your faster than a burpee.
You have the option of charging the Credit Card already on file, adding a new card, adding to their account to close out at the end of the month or old school cash.

There is also a self-checkout mode where members can checkout themselves.

TV Screens

See the Workout of the Day and who has checked in to Class, bright and large.

Beautifully designed screens which almost run themselves. Throw out your mouse and keyboard, these screen are easily controled with a Bluetooth remote from anywhere on the gym floor.

Powered off a $40 Amazon Fire Stick that includes remote it’s cheap as chips.

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