Building A Better Gym Without The Costs - PushPress Free

Learn how early adopters of PushPress Free have leveraged our best in class system to run your gym – free!

Dan Uyemura
October 7, 2019
Building A Better Gym Without The Costs - PushPress Free

Run Your New Gym Faster With Software Without Paying Large Fees

Starting a gym can feel like a catch 22.

You need professional tools to provide great service so that your business will be profitable, but you’re not yet making enough money to afford those tools.

Gym-management software is one of those tools. You could wing it—pasting your programming into a spreadsheet, managing your billing and documentation manually, chasing checks every month—or you could buy a system you can’t afford and pray your revenue catches up with your expenses one day.

Or you could do what Marcus Reyna, owner of Elevated Fitness, did: sign up for PushPress Free.

“It was kind of a no-brainer,” he said.

Marcus Reyna, owner of Elevated Fitness

What You Get

PushPress Free is just what it sounds like: PushPress, but $0/month.

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The system is designed for smaller gyms, studios and fitness professionals that bill less than $14,000 per month, and there’s no monthly fee. We call it “pay as grow” because small gyms shouldn’t have to pay for things they don’t yet need.

Still, with access to 14 out of 16 native PushPress apps, PushPress Free users enjoy an experience much like the pro version.

There’s the check-in app, which enables clients to check themselves in for classes on a gym tablet. The app automatically verifies that the member has an active plan, ensures he or she has signed a waiver and subtracts the class from the client’s class count.

There’s the screens app, which displays the class roster, coach, schedule and workout.

The store app allows gym owners to create and price custom products and enables members to self-service their purchases. Members can pre-order products or RSVP for events via the member app, as well as access their billing information and important documents. Owners can organize workouts by track, schedule appointments, waitlist clients and bill automatically.

Users get all of this at no monthly charge; the only fees you’ll pay are a 1 percent premium on top of your country’s standard ACH and credit-card processing fees. That way, by the time you’re ready to upgrade to pro—when you’re billing more than $13,900 a month—you’ll actually save money when you trade the processing-fee premium for the standard monthly fee.

Why would PushPress offer such a thing? Because we’re part of the fitness community, too, and we want gym owners to succeed.

“We are doing this to help gym owners,” wrote CEO Dan Uyemura. “We care about this community deeply.”

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Dan Uyemura

Dan Uyemura built his first gym in 2008. Since then he's built and sold a couple of gyms. In 2011 Dan decided to help gym owners run more stable, profitable businesses.

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