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Attract & Retain Students

Martial Arts Software to attract and retain new students

Our Martial Arts software is packed with tools and features help you attract, sell, and retain new students. Focus on your existing students, let PushPress find you new ones.

Automated communications, beautiful landing pages, intelligent waivers and agreements and more – working for you on day one.

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Your Brand, Your Students

Martial arts software focused on your students’ experience

PushPress martial arts software is designed to make your studio look professional to your students.

From our member app, to our check-in systems and beyond – PushPress is focused on making your studio look amazing to your students.

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Easy Attendance & Attendance Tracking

Martial Arts Software that tracks attendance for your students for easy reporting

Our integrated membership, payments, attendance and check-in systems help you track progress of your students with ease.

Use PushPress to work smarter, not harder!

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The whole system is very easy to understand and to navigate through! I love the check-in option which gives a clear and more accurate idea of class attendance specially because we do belt graduations often. Staff at PushPress is VERY friendly, attentive, responsive and helpful! They do go above and beyond.

Prof. Rodrigo Almeida

Way of Life BJJ

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