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How PushPress Grow Helped Robert Schwartz Double His Membership

Robert Schwartz doubled his membership with PushPress Grow. Here, he shares the steps he took to take his business from surviving to expoential growth.

Emily Beers
November 1, 2022
How PushPress Grow Helped Robert Schwartz Double His Membership
Robert Schwartz doubled his membership with PushPress Grow. Here, he shares the steps he took to take his business from surviving to expoential growth.

Before he discovered PushPress Grow, Robert Schwartz remembers the struggle.

As the owner of All Fit Orlando in Florida, he wore 20 different hats, and was constantly needing new clients. He recalls that he had “zero systems in place that automated and nurtured my leads.” Gym ownership just wasn’t as fun as he thought it would be when he opened in 2017.

Robert Schwartz uses PushPress Grow
Robert Schwartz at All Fit Orlando

Last year, he was “just trudging along, barely making enough money to make it worth my time.” It got to the point where Schwartz decided 2022 was going to be his make-or-break year.

He wasn’t going to give up without a fight, so he started doing some research into better client management software. When he found PushPress, he loved that the people he spoke to were all gym owners themselves.

So in what he describes as a last-ditch effort, he became a PushPress client. And in just nine months, he has completely turned his business around.

How It’s Going.

Before PushPress Grow, Schwartz’ membership base was around 70 to 80 people. Today, he’s at 160 members.

First, he increased his membership rates. Then, based on a recommendation from PushPress, he added a nutrition program.

Further, he started offering more personal training and semi-private training. And finally, he says the software has made it much easier for him to rock his retail sales as well.

Schwartz average client value used to be around $92 per month. It now sits between $185-$220.

So, what about profit?

“Literally everything, thanks to PushPress has doubled,” said Schwartz. “Our gross sales have doubled, our net profits have doubled, our member retention has doubled, and also our average revenue spend per member has doubled, as well.”

How PushPress Grow Changed The Game.

The biggest reason for his explosive growth, Schwartz said, is PushPress Grow. Grow is an all-in-one platform that allows gym owners to create marketing campaigns, connect with leads and convert them into clients. It also helps with improving client retention in time-saving ways.

The system’s ability to automate and nurture leads has made all the difference, he explained.

“Sometime people have to see or hear or be in touch with you 50, 60, 70, 80, 100 times before they make a decisions to join your gym. So there’s no way one person can get a lead in and then remember to reach out to this person one week, thee weeks, one month, two months, three months out. There's no way you can do that. It’s just impossible,” Schwartz said.

Today, with PushPress Grow in his corner, he knows where leads are coming from and that they’re being handled. He’s able to “convert more because, by the time they got to me, they have been nurtured already to a certain point that they’re already in the right state of mind.”

This has gone a long way in allowing him to “maximize my personal time.” Which also means he can spend more time with higher quality leads.

Then, once a lead becomes a prospect, Grow helps keep them at the gym, he explained. The system provides notifications to him every morning. For example, he’s able to see who hasn’t come to the gym in a week, allowing him to reach out, if needed.

Robert Schwartz with PushPress CEO Dan Uyemura
Schwartz (left) with PushPress CEO Dan Uyemura

How Automation Is Key.

Further, PushPress Grow can also reach out to members on its own. Clients can easily sign up for personal training, goal-setting or nutrition. Members are more engaged and on track with their accountability, Schwartz explained.

“This helps client results, too,” he added.

Finally, Schwartz likes that Grow also gives the coach the opportunity to personalize messages to members. So for example, if a member is going through a medical situation, an automated “where have you been” message might be insensitive. Instead, gym owners are able to override the system and send a more personalized check-in message.

“Through Grow, it’s one click. You can pause or remove them with the click of a button from (any) campaign,” he explained.

And the best part is, when it comes to PushPress Grow, there was little work for him to do after the initial set up.

“They run themselves. So it’s a little bit of work at the front end to make sure you have all the things working right, but eventually it gets to a point where it’s completely hands off,” he said.

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How POPL Helped.

Beyond the traditional ways to use Grow, Schwartz has found another creative way to bring on organic leads through POPL.

POP what?

POPL is essentially a digital business card that. A simple QR code in your phone allows you to give your info to a lead, or collect theirs.

For a long time, Schwartz found himself meeting people who seemed interested in checking out his gym, but since business cards are outdated, the lead just kind of died on the spot.

Today, whenever he speaks with a potential lead, he simply has them scan the QR code and pop in their info. It takes just a couple seconds, and he has found people are always willing to share.

For example, he runs two pop-up events a month. One is at a local brewery and one at a restaurant, where he hosts a Booty Brunch that includes a workout and brunch.

“People come, they see us, they want information. POPL. POPL. POPL,” he said of how easy it is to capture their information.

All Fit Orlando Community

How Integrations Are Essential.

What has made it especially easy, and such a game changer, is that POPL integrates with PushPress Grow. So the lead gets exported as a CVS and populates into Grow. Schwartz can then determine which campaign workflow is appropriate.

“Drag, drop, start work flows, done. And then it will start a lead nurture for me, and I don’t ever have to worry about following up with that lead ever again. Grow does it for me automatically,” Schwartz said.

POPL is responsible for bringing in a dozen new members in the last five months. He says these are members who otherwise would have slipped through the cracks.

His advice to other gym owners: “You get one person to sign up for your gym and it has paid for itself. You need to get a damn POPL.”

How It Happened In Nine Months.

It’s been nine months since declaring 2022 his “make-or-break year.” And it’s safe to say Schwartz’ business is no longer in a precarious position. In fact, his gym is “busting at the seams.” So much so that he’s been looking around to other gyms he might possibly want to acquire, because he’s ready to expand.

And an even more exciting update is that Schwartz is finally about to do something so many overworked gym owners can only imagine: Take an actual vacation.

“For the first time, I am going to take two weeks off in December. And that’s something I was never ever able to do. I couldn’t even think about that,” he said.

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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