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Improve Member Experience Through Accountability

Accountability is a significant part of the member experience. Motivate clients with challenges, social media, buddy systems and more.

Sam Karoll
September 18, 2022
Improve Member Experience Through Accountability
Accountability is a significant part of the member experience. Motivate clients with challenges, social media, buddy systems and more.

When a member joins your gym, chances are they’re looking for some level of accountability. That’s likely a high level. As we’ve been discussing, we can provide an unforgettable member experience by helping people get started and then letting them know we’re here every step of the way.

Not everyone finds it easy to stick with a fitness or nutrition routine. If given the choice, your members will generally choose the path of least resistance. Without any accountability, it can be hard to keep going and easy to blame external factors. However, if they know you’re paying attention, they're more likely to feel responsible and control their actions.

Reasons to Boost Fitness Accountability

For gym owners, part of your credibility lies in being able to hold your members accountable. You can provide a fantastic community and an elite team of coaches but if no one shows up to classes, none of that matters. There are several compelling benefits to a solid accountability plan:

Significant Progress Results

A study by the Association for Talent Development shows that accountability positively affects your members’ chances of success. The probability of completing a goal based on specific actions increases from 10% to 95% when an accountability component is tied to it. Results are a key part of member experience, leading to consistency, overall satisfaction and referrals.

Improve member experience with accountability

Increase in Revenue

There’s tremendous value in being able to provide evidence that your gym gets people results. When you have a decent number of clients who have reached goals at your gym, your membership is worth more. This drives revenue and referrals for your business, simply by doing what you do best.

Better Member Experience

In order to create the best member experience, you must be the ultimate accountability buddy for your members. You’ll stand out from the competition by finding out about your members’ goals, creating a plan to achieve them and holding them accountable along the way. There are lots of fun and creative ways to accomplish this.

7 Tips To Increase Accountability In Your Gym:

1. Recognize a Member of the Week.

People want to know that their hard work is being recognized. With 52 weeks in a year, you have 52 opportunities to showcase examples of dedication. Having each “Member of the Week” share things like what got them started, favorite movements, motivational quotes, etc. This is an inexpensive way to provide something for all members to work toward, and future accountability.

2. Launch a Fitness Challenge.

Any kind of fitness challenge comes with built-in accountability. Whether it’s an individual challenge with prizes on the line, or a partner challenge where members want to “carry their weight,” challenges always provide motivation. There are tons of fitness challenge options. Get creative and include elements inside and outside the gym. Also consider getting local businesses involved to create incentives for participation.

3. Host a Beginner Bootcamp.

A beginner bootcamp is an innovative way to invite new members and reengage those who need a “redo.” This is a great option for members who have friends and family that have been intimidated to try out your gym, or for current members who started but fell out of their fitness routine. Bootcamps can range from two to six weeks with the intention of helping people start - or restart - their fitness journey.

4. Celebrate Member Milestones.

The “I see you” moments are a huge part of the member experience. This can be through personal milestones like birthdays or gym anniversaries. It can also be through gym recognition, like a goals board or PR bell. Celebrate your members in every way possible. This gives them added accountability to keep working hard, knowing that it won’t go unnoticed.

Pro tip: Use your gym management software to automate your members’ milestone celebrations.

5. Engage in Social Media.

Social media allows you to be creative in the ways that you hold your members accountable. From class photo albums to workout tracking (“Post your score from today’s workout here!”) there are a lot of fun ways to engage your members. Remember, the goal of community is connecting people around like-minded goals. By fostering that connection, you can hold people accountable online as well as in the gym.

6. Offer Workshops or Advanced Classes.

If you have a group of members eager for more of a challenge, offer workshops, seminars or specialty classes. Coaches can work with higher-level athletes or those who want accessory options beyond class programming. Not only is this an opportunity for additional revenue, it’s a chance to experiment with new trends or ways to improve your current classes. In the fitness industry, it’s important to adapt to what’s best for your members and motivate them through new options.

Improve member experience with advanced classes

7. Develop a Buddy System.

This may be the most obvious - and most effective - accountability hack for your gym. Studies show that a buddy system can be a massive factor in people’s ability to adhere to a fitness program. In addition, it encourages them to work harder. The Kohler Effect (also known as "the buddy effect") shows that we are motivated by having someone else there with us who will hold us accountable. Creating a buddy system in your gym is something you can launch today to build a strong accountability foundation for your members.

In Summary: Accountability Means Improved Member Experience.

Part of an exceptional membership experience is accountability. You must lead from the top, holding them accountable through classes, challenges, social media. Next, get your coaches involved with workshops and motivation. Finally, your community can join in with milestone celebrations and “buddy up” to create even more layers of accountability. This will increase attendance and revenue while creating the ultimate member experience at your gym.

Sam Karoll

Sam is our Community Manager for PushPress. He also owns and operates Xplore Nutrition, a personalized nutrition coaching service designed "for your lifestyle and goals by a Coach who's always available."

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