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How PushPress Helped Dominion MMA Jump From 20 to Nearly 400 Members

Dominion MMA Jumps From 20 to Nearly 400 Members With the Help of PushPress.

Emily Beers
May 5, 2022
How PushPress Helped Dominion MMA Jump From 20 to Nearly 400 Members
Dominion MMA Jumps From 20 to Nearly 400 Members With the Help of PushPress.
“PushPress? That’s for CrossFit gyms.”

That’s what Reynaldo Rodriguez’ friend told him when he was considering switching to PushPress five years ago at his MMA gym, Dominion MMA in San Antonio, Texas, a gym he opened 12 years ago.

“At first I was just looking to find software that would let me post on my website to come in for a three day trial and found PushPress by accident,” Rodriguez said.

Five years later, PushPress has given him so much more than that.

Three Reasons Dominion MMA Has Increased Their Membership From 20 to 395

PushPress Evolves & Grows With His Business

Rodriguez explained that, because his gym isn’t a CrossFit gym, he sometimes needs PushPress to do things that cater specifically to his MMA business model, and that PushPress has never shied away from adapting to meet his needs.

“We have our own app within their system. The platform has grown with us, and all the integration(s) makes our lives so much easier,” he said.

Most recently, PushPress redesigned their Train app—a workout tracking app originally created for CrossFit gyms—to meet the needs of Dominion MMA.

“The train app was designed for CrossFit gyms, but that doesn’t mean we can’t integrate it ourselves. We have a program called Slam Ball Fitness that we’re setting up on the app…They redesigned it just for us. It’s really ingenious,” Rodriguez said.

He added: “I can call or message Dan (Uyemura) any time. How many people have access to the CEO of a company like that? I don’t abuse it, but if it’s in the middle of the night and my wheels are turning, I can message him and tell him what I need, and he’ll say, ‘Let’s work on it.’ They really are taking the guys in the trenches like me and figuring it out to give us what we need.”

Software that Helps Generate New Business

One of the biggest game changers for Rodriguez is how easy it is for a new prospect to sign up for a three day trial on his website, a feature that has been crucial in growing his membership base, he explained.

“That’s the reason we’re so successful. It’s easy for customers to use and that gets them into our system,” said Rodriguez, adding that PushPress’ redesign of his website in 2018 also “made a big difference” in attracting new clientele.

More recently, last year, Rodriguez started using PushPress’ new app Grow—an all-in-one platform that allows gym owners to create marketing campaigns, connect with leads and convert them into clients, as well as improve client retention in time-saving ways. Since adding Grow to his business, Dominion MMA has added an additional 100 students.

“It has been integral to our success…There are all these touchpoints with the customer and that has helped me bring on people exponentially. I monitor everyone on Grow and if the system can’t answer their question then I do. It’s a constant form of communication and it gets them in the door faster,” he explained.

Makes Onboarding New Members Seamless

When people sign into a class at Dominion MMA, their name and picture pops up onto their TV, which allows coaches to recognize who is who and be sure to welcome a new client, as the system also tells them that it’s a person’s first day, Rodriguez said.

“Then the coach can go up to them and introduce themselves and welcome them…it helps with the first day experience a lot,” he said.

The Big Picture

Thanks to PushPress, Rodriguez has been able to not just build his business from 20 to 395 members, but also to improve his client retention and save a ton of time in the process on tasks that used to eat up his time and energy.

“I can’t say enough about how they have made our lives so much easier,” he said. So much so that he’s about to move into a bigger space, where the sky will be the limit.

“Our goal is to get 600 members. We’re ready.”

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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