PushPress is looking for someone who can help us bring our world-class Gym Management system to the world and we think you could be just what's needed! We need an experienced copywriter with strong skills in crafting content that inspires people, engages them, and helps build community. Does this sound like something you would love doing?

We are small, but passionate team. As such, you'll be collaborating with different teams to help shape our brand voice and strategy.

Role Specifics

Day in the life

In this role you'll...

  • Work with the marketing and product teams to design and write email lead nuture campaigns, for our entire suite of products
  • Collaborate with our demand generation team to provide supporting copy for paid ads and landing pages
  • Collaborate with our social media team to create copy that helps shape our brand presence
  • Strategize and implement content marketing plans and continually create content for our blog.

Must have skills

On day one we'll expect you to...

  • Have very strong verbal and written skills. We’re a team of fitness nerds, gym owners, and developers. We’re not great with words. That’s why we need you.
  • Understand how to create, test, and optimize copy for ads, email, and landing pages.
  • Be able to plan and execute email lead nurture campaigns
  • Be very proficient at using Hubspot to build and groom email lists and campaigns.  
  • Have experience building, warming and routing cold leads to sales via email marketing
  • Have a working knowledge of keyword research and SEO optimization for content
  • Have 3+ years experience with content or copywriting

What separates the best from the rest

Added bonuses you have...

  • You are a strong team player, who will be joining a small but excellent team devoted to helping our clients succeed.
  • You are resourceful in finding solutions or potential opportunities for optimization
  • Continuing education. You have an insatiable thirst for learning and applying knowledge
  • Fitness experience. Even if you just love to workout thats great
  • One of you driving forces is to make an impact on the industry.

At our core, we are gym owners who built a product whose primary focus is to simplify and automate tasks for fitness business owners.

We are also a team that believes in work hard, play hard. We value our family and personal time, but we are also very hard at work trying to help a massive client base that needs help. You must understand that mission and work towards it with a passion. Anything less will be letting our team and our clients down.


We pay market rates (if you are very good, we will pay you very well)

About PushPress

PushPress is a gym management software company with 10+ years in business. We've helped thousands of gym owners streamline and professionalize their businesses. We've taken decades of experience running our own gyms to build an intuitive solution for others.

We are a remotely distributed company, who is obsessed with the success of our clients.