Social Media Manager

Job Summary

Are you the type of person who is always connecting with others? Do things like Facebook, TikTok and YouTube come naturally to you? If so then this might be your dream job. We are looking for an experienced Social Media Manager who will play a vital role in our company's marketing strategy. As part of your responsibilities you will develop exciting new ways to communicate with gym and studio owners online that not only help build brand awareness and drive leads, but help gym owners make an impact!

The ideal candidate is a creator, through and through. You should be comfortable shooting and editing film, creating graphics, and be pretty good at copywriting.

But this job is more than just creating social media content. We're looking for someone who has strong experience in social media execution for brands - from strategy to implementation to measurement.

You should be an excellent collaborator, managing projects, and building relationships with customers, partners and influencers to ensure the success of your initiatives.

You can work independently, are innovative and resourceful, making the most impact with the least amount of resources.

We are a data driven company and expect you to be as well - making data your ultimate driving factor in campaign selection, delivery and optimization.

This is a part time position to start, with the opportunity to ascend to full-time if you fit the bill.

This is a remote position, we are a fully remote company.

Role Specifics

Day in the life

In this role you'll ...

  • Create social media content. Everything from writing social media posts to recording videos and podcasts
  • Measure and prove ROI by setting measurable goals for each channel and campaign.
  • Stay on top of new channels and trends, keeping up with updates.
  • Set quarterly and annual social media strategies to align with business goals.
  • Collaborate with internal stakeholders to obtain resources for campaign execution - including content/creative, sales, and demand gen.
  • Interact with our followers and customers. You'll be prepared to field conversations and seamlessly hand them off to our sales or support teams
  • Regularly monitor and report on campaign performance, and speak to the impact on overall campaign goals

Must-have skills

On day one we'll expect you to...

  • Be a strong team player, who will be joining a small but driven team devoted to helping our clients succeed.
  • Understand how to design, build and track social media campaigns
  • Have an eye for design. You don't need a degree from an art school, but you should have a knack for making things visually appealing.
  • Take our brand guide and apply it your content creation
  • Be able to take and edit photos and videos, create social media posts, repurpose content from one channel to another
  • Work within our business intelligence tools for campaign measurement. (Hubspot, Google Analytics, Amplitude
  • Have a good understanding B2B SaaS marketing and acquisition strategies.
  • Have strong customer service skills. Customer service is something we take pride in and it should be reflected in our social media.
  • Have broad knowledge of marketing in general, to understand the relationship between organic social media and all of our other marketing efforts.
  • Possess strong copywriting skills

What separates the best from the rest

Added bonuses if you have...

  • Fitness experience. Even if you just love to workout thats great!
  • Video editing experience. We're talking Adobe Premiere or After Effects


Because this is a remote position you will be required to have…

  • Blazing fast internet connection so you can do zoom calls.

We are also a team that believes in work hard, play hard. We value our family and personal time, but we are also very hard at work trying to help a massive client base that needs help. You must understand that mission and work towards it with a passion. Anything less will be letting our team and our clients down.


We pay market rates (if you are very good, we will pay you very well)

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