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Adding Automations to Streamline Growth

PushPress Grow is the gym CRM that saves you time, and helps you boost revenue and retention. Here are four reasons to start using Grow today!

When it comes to the power of automation for your gym, you might just be one “tell me more” away from saving yourself a tremendous amount of time. In other words, we’re not saying it’s the perfect time to explore PushPress Grow, but it is GROWvember, so we’ll let you decide.

If you’re like most gym owners, you simply aren’t sure what all the fuss is about with a gym CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Maybe you don’t think you have the time to learn this new-fangled technology. Or perhaps you’re concerned that you’ll lose control over your client experience.

PushPress Grow is the ultimate tool for gym owners
PushPress Grow is the ultimate tool for gym owners to manage communication, tasks and more.

We hear you. As gym owners ourselves, we work hard to create the tools that we need and use in our own gyms. And PushPress Grow truly has been a game-changer for us, and hundreds of gyms around the world.

It’s kind of like adding another team member to help you carry the workload. But how?

How Does Grow Work?

The magic of PushPress Grow is in the workflows. Workflows are designed to automate communication via email and text, nurturing leads, and current and former members.

For example, lead-nurture workflows are set up to take action as soon as a prospective member reaches out for information. The goal is nurturing them through your sales funnel. Ultimately, we want them to show up for a free class or intro so we can convert them into a member.

On the other hand, you can enhance a new members’ experience using workflows as well. Once someone has joined, set them up in the 100-day New Member Workflow. It’s designed to provide them info about your gym and answer their questions during the early stages of membership.

You can even use automated workflows for things like upselling your new nutrition coaching program or inviting former members back to your gym. Plus, there are quite a few revenue-generating PushPress Grow workflows you’ll want to check out as well!

How Do I Keep the Authenticity?

One of the most common questions we get from gym owners that haven’t used PushPress Grow before is about authenticity. Does the communication sound robotic? Am I able to personalize texts and emails? How do I make sure it matches my gym’s brand voice and sounds like a real human being?

Here are three things to consider:

  1. Grow has a full library of pre-made workflows for you to choose from. This will save you time from writing your own. However, you can customize any of the messaging to make sure it’s on brand and authentic.
  2. Workflows can be built from scratch. If you prefer to create your own, the world is your oyster! For example, if you’re looking to sell high-ticket gym services, you may prefer to design your own workflow to roll it out to your members.
  3. Start with automation, jump in whenever you choose. Just because you use automation to kick off some of your communication doesn’t mean you can’t respond personally. For example, let’s say a member achieves their 100th visit at your gym. You have two options: First, you could use a workflow to send a congratulations text. Otherwise, you could set it up to receive an internal notification about the accomplishment. Then you could curate a personal message specifically for that member.
Use automation for gym communication
Personalize communication with gym members to create brand loyalty and increase retention.

Four Reasons You Need PushPress Grow:

Beyond just the automated workflows, Grow also has the ability to save you time and improve client experience in these four ways.

1. Managing Your Tasks.

As a busy gym owner, managing your task list is sometimes a task on its own. Use your PushPress Grow dashboard to enter your various tasks, along with due dates and notes. The notifications will alert you when tasks are coming up and you can check them off when complete.

The same goes for your coaches’ tasks as well. Gone are the days of email or verbal reminders. Now, you can simply create the task, set an assignee and due date, add any relevant notes and you’re good to go!

2. Organizing Your Audience.

How big is your contact list? For gym owners who’ve been in the game for a while, that list could include hundreds - if not thousands - of people. It likely contains the contact info for leads, current members, former members, etc. And chances are, you don’t want to send the same messaging to each of the different groups.

Use the PushPress Grow tagging system to help you create smart lists and keep your contacts organized. That way, you can send a membership promo to your leads. And a check-in text to your members that haven’t checked in for 10 days. Or what about a “we want you back” message to your former members?

Simply start by categorizing your list with the appropriate tags. From there, choose the corresponding tags for future campaigns. Ultimately, this allows you to curate the content each person is receiving, making sure it’s relevant specifically to them.

3. Keeping You Notified.

Use internal notifications in PushPress Grow to keep your finger on the pulse of everything happening with your business. Notifications are built into automated workflows, alerting you anytime a corresponding action occurs.

For instance, your members’ birthday workflow is set up to send a celebration text to each member on their special day. But you can choose to add an internal notification to alert you or your staff as well. That way, coaches can recognize the birthday guy or gal in class, or you can send a customized message.

Celebrate member birthdays and milestones
Use internal notifications to celebrate gym members’ birthdays, anniversaries and milestones.

The same goes for at-risk members. Even though automation will do the work if you choose, someone at risk of churning might need a bit more hand-holding. Set up an internal notification if someone hasn’t checked in for 10 days. Then you can personally reach out to see how you can help.

You can even use internal notifications to remind you to call a new lead back. If someone calls your gym and doesn’t get a response, PushPress Grow will send an immediate text response. And you can add an internal notification to remind you to call them back as soon as you’re able.

4. Upselling Your Additional Services.

According to PushPress Grow CRM Implementation Manager Dave Yandel, there’s one big area of opportunity most gym owners are underutilizing.

“Most gym owners chase leads,” Yandel said. “But leads are harder to convert than upselling members. Yet we spend a lot of our time there. All the while, we forget we still need to support them in their journey.”

Therefore, he recommends using Grow to upsell your current members on additional services. Looking to increase personal training revenue? Introducing a new Olympic lifting seminar? Hosting a gym competition? Use PushPress Grow workflows to spread the word to your community.

After all, your current members are an integral part of revenue and retention for the long term at your gym.

In Summary: Discover the Ways PushPress Grow Can Help Your Gym Grow!

PushPress Grow is a gym CRM that saves you time, and helps you boost revenue and retention. It’s like the extra team member that never takes a rest day.

Grow uses the power of automation to properly nurture your clients. In addition, it will help you manage your task list, organize your audience, keep you notified and upsell additional services to your current members.

Plus, it’s GROWvember, and the perfect time to find out how Grow can work for you!

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