A Free WOD Timer for HIIT & Interval WOD Training

Our WOD timer includes a free stopwatch, AMRAP timer, Tabata timer, and EMOM timer to power you home workouts or gym WOD’s.

Apple TV
It really is the Easiest

The Easiest WOD Timer. Period. And it’s FREE.

Easy to set up and robust enough to handle almost every kind of workout you can throw at it!

HIIT WOD’s, CrossFit WOD’s, Bootcamp WOD’s, and more! This WOD timer is easy to setup and use.

Tabata timer, AMRAP timer (As Many Reps As Possible), stopwatch timer, and EMOM timer (Every Minute on the Minute). Clearly see where you are in the suck of your WOD.

Meaningful Motivation

A WOD Timer powered by your favorite athletes and coaches.

Never do a WOD alone again with our timer.

Have some of the worlds best known athletes kick your WOD off, encourage you, and cheer you home with automated voice prompts.

Pick your favorite and hit your workout!

Seconds to Setup

Worlds first easy WOD Timer

Configure your WOD’s with ease using the PushPress WOD Timer. Configure any form of work/rest workout you’d like without requiring a PhD.

AirPlay Enabled

Free WOD Timer For Your Gym

Own a gym? Tired of buying $200 timers? Get into the modern day. Run your gym clock using the PushPress WOD Timer for free!

All you need to get going is an Apple TV paired to your Apple iOS (iPod, iPhone, iPad) device, and you have the worlds sexiest gym timer on a TV Screen at your gym.

All of this brought to you by the team behind the PushPress gym management system.

Remote on your wrist

Apple Watch companion for your workout

Use as a timer remote or to simply check how much time you have left to bang out some more burpees.

Fantastic. Does what it’s supposed to do

Thank you for making a simple app that does what it is supposed to do. It keeps me doing my daily planks, which I almost stopped doing because of my annoyance at a different app I had been using. PushPress Timer is keeping me on track. And it seems a bit cheesy, but it’s nice to be told “good job” when I’m done. Especially when I’m not in the best condition. Thanks for the app!


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The PushPress Workout Timer
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A free workout timer brought to you by PushPress Gym Management Software

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