Save time, work smarter!

It seems like new gyms are popping up in your area on a monthly basis, not to mention the increasing competition from the larger franchise brands such as Orange Theory, Soul Cycle and F45 who really seem to have their operations organized. Running a successful class based gym in 2018 is no easy feat so we need to work SMARTER not harder. Having the right Tech-Stack is crItical to running an efficient operation so your entire team can focus more on your members while the back office runs itself. Here is my top 5 fitness facility software apps I couldn’t live without as a gym owner.

1. Slack

Team Communication

What it does: It will replace group text and email amongst your staff. It is a far superior form of communication for small teams by being able to categorize conversations into public and private channels relevant to the conversation or notification. Create a private ‘#workouts’ channel, just for coaches to discuss upcoming weeks programming and movement related tips. A  ‘#members’ channel to receive member notification about new leads, new members and overdue payments with the PushPress integration. And a ‘#events’ channel to help organize the next in-house competition you are running.

Killer Feature: Integrates really well with 100’s of other top tier applications.

Pricing: Freemium. Unlimited users and channels on free tier.

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2. Asana

Task Management

What it does: Keep your team organized and accountable. Create and assign tasks to team members. Set reminders and due dates. Plan complex projects like running a local events/competitions with Kanban style board flows. Like all great software it integrates well with others.

Killer Feature: Intuitive and easy to use with a great mobile app.

Pricing: Freemium. Up to 15 staff on the free tier.

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3. AutoPilot

Member Communication

What it does: Automatically send email, text and postcards to Leads, current Members and X-Members. Use logic to get the right message to the right person relevant to where they are in their fitness journey. At the same time notify your team via the slack integration. Ever wanted to send postcards to members for their membership anniversary or birthday? or fire off an auto text if the member hasn’t checked-in to the gym in 2 weeks to find out whats up? Easily done with AutoPilot!

Killer Feature: Uses the most appropriate contact method based on the intended message.

Pricing: 30 day free trial. Plans start at $20/month.

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4. 1 Password

Password Manager

What it does: Keep track of your passwords. Since its not 2002 anymore, you likely use a ton of software to run your gym, you likely don’t realize the average person has 191 passwords to keep track of. How people have secure passwords without a password manager I have no idea! Anyway, this isn’t a scare tactic article on security, you have read enough of those already. The big advantage here is this software gets you out of the frustrating loop of resetting forgotten passwords saving you valuable time.

Killer Feature: Passwords sync with their cloud so you have access on all your devices. Also browser extensions make it effortless to use secure passwords.

Pricing: Plans start at $1/month.

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5. Inbox

Email Client

What it does: Use this app to access your gmail. Created by google this will enable you to get a fresh start on organizing your email, bubbling up whats most important for you.

Killer Feature: Snoozing email to tackle later.

Pricing: Free, included with your google or gmail account

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