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Coach Connection: Seven Ways to Have Fun with Your CrossFit Coaches

Having fun with your CrossFit coaches outside of the gym can increase job satisfaction and even member retention. Here are seven ideas to build connection!

Emily Beers
July 20, 2023
Coach Connection: Seven Ways to Have Fun with Your CrossFit Coaches
Having fun with your CrossFit coaches outside of the gym can increase job satisfaction and even member retention. Here are seven ideas to build connection!

As a gym owner, you spend a lot of time focusing on operations, business growth and your endless task list. You analyze metrics. You review the performance of your CrossFit coaches. And you do your best to prioritize your own health and wellness.

But amidst all the planning and evaluating, are you having any fun?

Last month in the PushPress blog, we launched a four-part series about mental health. In it, long-time mental health professional Dr. Christina Migliara provided us a ton of valuable info. And one of the topics was protecting the mental health of your staff.

Ultimately, happy and mentally-strong coaches are more likely to enjoy coming to work every day. They’re also more likely to continue coaching long-term and value their position. And to your members’ benefit, they’re providing a fantastic class experience.

Have fun and build connection with CrossFit coaches
Find creative ways to have fun with your CrossFit coaches.

Although conventional wisdom often warns against mixing business and pleasure, healthy connection with your CrossFit coaches is never a bad thing. Migliara explained that fostering an open, transparent environment is crucial. And building trust is at the heart of ensuring your coaches are happy.

Oftentimes, this comes down to connection and building real relationships. And that’s not just within the four walls of your gym. Connecting on a social level is a chance to get your minds off work and focus on the human connection.

Seven Social Ideas For Connecting with Your CrossFit Coaches.

1. Escape Room.

Escape Room adventures can be a great way to develop the communication skills amongst your team. Plus, you’ll get to know your CrossFit coaches in a more social way.

Occasionally, the least likely person ends up having the best suggestions to solve the Escape Room challenges. But for the entire team, coaches can get out of their comfort zones in a safe way and build trust among the team.

Plus, let’s be honest: You’re likely all competitive. So why not split up into two groups and compete against each other to see who can escape the fastest?

2. Party Bus.

Although the party bus is typically associated with your early drinking years, you can put a new twist on it for your CrossFit coaches.

Rent a party bus - or limousine - to take you and the team around the city. You could do some sight-seeing if your area is a good option for that. Otherwise, transport your coaches to and from a nice team dinner. The ride is likely when you’ll do the most bonding.

3. Group Foot Massage.

Chances are, your team is on their feet a lot. In addition, we know that CrossFit can be a little rough on the body. So although a few of your coaches might initially question the idea, once they’ve gotten a foot massage, they’ll likely be singing a different tune.

Find a place that can accommodate a group to host a “coach appreciation” foot massage. The relaxation really helps people to unwind and it’s a great option for stress relief. So everyone will surely leave with happy feet and feeling appreciated.

4. Sports Tournament or Sports-Related Night Out.

The top level of the CrossFit pyramid is sports. So what better way to practice what you preach than to host a sports tournament for your CrossFit coaches?

The options are endless and can be indoors or outdoors. Some of our favorite suggestions are Pickleball, bowling, golf, axe throwing, softball and Spike Ball.

Host a team golf outing
Host a team sporting event like a round of golf or game of Pickleball.

Not only is it great for relationship-building, but it might even introduce your coaches to a new sport they love. For team members that live at the gym, it can be healthy to branch out. In fact, Migliara says encouraging coaches try new activities is one of the keys to helping improve their mental health hygiene.

5. Coach Potluck or Healthy Pizza Party.

Pick a theme, gather your coaches at someone’s home and have everyone contribute to a coach potluck. A few simple themes include a Mexican fiesta, Texas BBQ and Hawaiian Luau. Or you can get creative with something like “Five Ingredients or Less” or a charcuterie spread.

Another option is a healthy pizza party. Cauliflower or chicken crust recipes are just a Pinterest-click away. Additionally, your team can bring the toppings and have a fun time building their own creations.

Pro Tip: Use the PushPress Staff App to communicate with your team and organize your upcoming event. Book a demo with our team today to find out more!

6. Beach or Park Day.

This is a super simple, but effective idea to just get your CrossFit coaches out of the gym and into a laid-back mindset.

After your Saturday morning classes, round up your coaches for an outing. Head to the beach to lay in the sun or go out to a local park for a long hike through nature. You don’t have to organize anything here. Just let the bonding happen organically.

7. Fitness Competition and Social.

There’s a good chance that your team would jump at the opportunity for some friendly, fitness-related competition. Create a simple challenge outside of your gym and make it a team event. A few ideas are a 5k run, triathlon, obstacle course like a Spartan race, ocean or lake swim or even a strongman competition.

Compete in adventure race
Adventure races are a great option for team building and friendly fitness competition.

Have fun but don’t forget the most important part. The socialization afterward is what you’re really aiming for. Provide food because your CrossFit coaches will be hungry. Look at it this way: The fitness is the buy-in, but the socialization is where the true bonding will happen.

In Summary: Rally Your Team Around Fitness AND Fun.

As CrossFit OG Chris Spealler put it, “We can only do so many workouts, couplets, triplets, thrusters, and lifts, etc. Until eventually training can feel pretty similar despite the variety. While results are imperative to people coming in your doors, the community is what keeps them there.”

The same is true of your CrossFit coaches. They can only lead so many classes or personal training sessions before it starts feeling like work. You can offset that feeling by creating a fun environment with a focus on connection. Not only will this benefit the team, but will also help you increase member retention.

By fostering an environment your coaches want to be part of, their physical and mental health can flourish. And one of the easiest ways to do this is simply providing opportunities for connection and fun.

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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