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Big News: CompTrain Programming is Now Available on PushPress Train

Have you considered outsourcing your gym programming? Here's why you should consider CompTrain, now available on PushPress Train, for your gym!

Emily Beers
April 2, 2024
Big News: CompTrain Programming is Now Available on PushPress Train
Have you considered outsourcing your gym programming? Here's why you should consider CompTrain, now available on PushPress Train, for your gym!

As part of the comprehensive lineup of world-class programming options on PushPress Train, we’re excited to announce the addition of CompTrain.

CrossFit icon Ben Bergeron is the founder of CrossFit New England in Natick, MA. He has coached multiple CrossFit Games athletes, including ten-time Games athlete Cole Sager and two-time Games champion Katrin Davidsdottir.

Bergeron is also the founder of CompTrain. CompTrain offers programming for both gyms and competitive athletes. In addition, the company provides time-based, at-home training options via the CompTrain app.

Ben Bergeron and Cole Sager
CompTrain founder Ben Bergeron (left) coaches CrossFit Games athlete Cole Sager. (Photo credit: CompTrain)

The wide range of programming options is just one benefit of choosing CompTrain. And now it can be accessed on PushPress Train for just $39.99 per month.

Reasons to Outsource Gym Programming.

Programming is an important part of retaining gym members for the long term. After all, your members initially joined for help with their health and fitness. When you can consistently provide results, they’ll stick around.

As such, many gym owners are apprehensive about handing over the reigns to outsource their programming. However, ask yourself a few questions. Do you find yourself spending hours each week creating the training plan? Does the strain or stress end up resulting in a sub-par training plan? Could you spend that time growing your gym instead, or even finding a better work/life balance?

It might be time to outsource your programming.

Jamison Price is the Director of CompTrain Gym Lead. He explained that trusting CompTrain for your programming can save exponential amounts of time. In addition, it can help to improve the programming service you offer to your members.

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Why CompTrain Gym Programming?

There are several reasons to consider CompTrain as your next gym programming solution. To start, it’s designed by trusted, experienced coaches.

It’s also well-vetted. All programming is tested ahead of time before being loaded into PushPress Train. Bergeron tests it at CrossFit New England and Price at his gym, CrossFit Elysium in Jefferson City, TN.

CompTrain on PushPress Train
CompTrain programming is vetted in two CrossFit gyms before being delivered. (Photo credit: CrossFit New England)

“This allows us to make adjustments if we need to before it gets delivered to the masses,” Price said. He believes this is what truly sets CompTrain apart from other programming options.

“The people writing it are actually coaching it inside affiliates before it gets delivered,” he explained. “So you’re getting a proven, twice-vetted product with members actually doing it. A lot of thought and intentionality goes into the totality of this program.”

What You Get with CompTrain on PushPress.

CompTrain encompasses quite a bit more than just a workout of the day. Here’s what you can expect from CompTrain on PushPress Train.

  • Daily programming, seven days per week. Aerobic capacity is the focus for weekend training.
  • General and specific warm-ups for each workout.
  • In-depth lesson plans. Each one includes strategies and specific timelines, providing direction for a 60-minute class plan.
  • Coaches’ notes to ensure your team knows what to focus on when leading classes. This includes concepts such as intended stimulus and movement-specific focus.
  • Daily accessory work. This is separate from the 60 minutes of class programming so gyms can provide it as an option to athletes.
  • An at-home workout option for athletes who occasionally train outside of the gym.
  • Videos of Bergeron or his team of coaches leading that day’s training from previous testing at CrossFit New England.
  • An additional mindset feature for gyms to incorporate as needed.
  • Access to monthly Q&A forums with Bergeron and the exclusive CompTrain Facebook group.
  • Educational resources for gym owners and coaches to level up the class experience.
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Group class at CrossFit New England
Group class using CompTrain programming at CrossFit New England. (Photo credit: CrossFit New England)

In Summary: Elevate Your Gym’s Programming with CompTrain on PushPress Train.

There are quite a few benefits to outsourcing your gym’s programming. For starters, it can save you time to focus on other ways to grow your gym. It can also allow you to help your members see results, driving revenue and retention for your gym.

CompTrain offers trusted, well-vetted gym programming to deliver results and save you time. And now it’s even easier to implement by using PushPress Train.

According to Jamison Price, “It is quite possibly the most cost-effective way you can see the biggest return on investment inside your gym.”

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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