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Five Ways To Generate Revenue By Renting Gym Space

How can you make money during the times your gym isn't full? Here are five ideas for renting gym space to generate revenue and increase brand awareness!

Emily Beers
January 10, 2023
Five Ways To Generate Revenue By Renting Gym Space
How can you make money during the times your gym isn't full? Here are five ideas for renting gym space to generate revenue and increase brand awareness!

When you own a fitness business, there’s something so fulfilling about looking around and seeing your gym space full. Those hours of the day when classes are at capacity can often feel like validation for your hard work. But what about the hours when the gym is empty? Renting gym space might be the revenue-driving solution you need.

Most gym owners manage a substantial amount of square footage that sits largely unused for a good portion of the week. The typical CrossFit class schedule includes weekday classes in the morning and evening, plus a few weekend classes.

Renting gym space increases revenue

So as a gym owner, you might only be generating revenue during those hours, leaving a huge opportunity for the “unused” hours. This doesn't need to be the case. Renting gym space to outside businesses for various uses is an easy way to generate passive income for the gym.

Five Ideas For Renting Gym Space:

1. Health And Fitness Seminars Or Workshops.

Because your business is in the health and fitness space, there’s a logical connection for other partners in the same space. Reach out to local businesses to offer space rental for their events.

From chiropractic and sports nutrition seminars, to running, rowing or weightlifting workshops, let them know you have space available for them.

Outside organizations hosting events at your gym is also beneficial for your clients without the added work for you.

For example, find a gymnastics coach to host a muscle-up seminar. Your gym gains revenue by hosting the event and your get specialized training to help them progress.

Pro Tip: Spread the word to members about training workshops quickly and easily! Book a demo with the PushPress Grow team today to find out how!

2. Corporate Workshops And Education.

Often times, local corporations are looking for a large amount of space to run various workshops for their employees.

For example, a dentist office might be looking to re-certify their full staff in CPR. Without a space large enough in their office to accommodate the training, they may be looking for a solution. Renting gym space would be beneficial for both parties.

As another example, perhaps a local IT company is looking to host a fun, team-building event. You could simply rent your space on a per-hour basis, or ask if they’d like your gym to lead the activities. This could be a fun opportunity for one of your coaches to lead a workout for their organization.

Host corporate team-building activities for gym revenue

3. Kids Birthday Parties.

Parents are always looking for creative ideas for their kids' birthday parties. And if you have kids, you know the options generally aren’t cheap.

This is an opportunity for you to generate revenue in a fun way: Renting gym space on a weekend afternoon for kids to run around and eat cake.

Gym owners who currently offer this option shared some advice. If you’re worried about kids getting hurt or destroying the gym, offer an option to control the chaos. For a higher price point, a coach can lead kids through a physical activity. Then let them eat cake.

As a bonus, if you’re considering adding a kids program at your gym (see option #5 below), this might be a great way to recruit participants.

4. Sports Teams And Clubs.

While school sports teams often use their own gyms, teams and clubs that aren’t associated with a school might be looking for a space. Local hockey, baseball, golf or tennis clubs are often in need of a place for strength and conditioning.

Consider partnering up with a local sports club and renting gym space for athletes to train. Under the guidance of their strength coaches, this training doesn’t draw on your own coaching resources. Especially during the summer when kids are out of school, this can be especially valuable during your gym’s slow times.

If you’re concerned this will limit flexibility in your personal schedule, consider options like HybridAF. The company’s technology allows you to give access to clients 24/7 gym access via a secure app. This service is covered by all the main insurance providers, including AGuard and CrossFit RRG.

It also lets you set specific dates and times in which you can provide access. So for example, if you want to give a local sports team access on Sundays from 12-2pm, you can set the hours in the app.

Rent gym space to kids sports teams

5. Kids Programs.

To preface this option, renting gym space for kids’ programs is different than running your own. While creating a kids’ program is a great additional revenue stream, renting space takes the work off your plate.

A few examples: First, field trips are always a fun option for kids. Find organizations looking for creative trips for the kiddos. Similar to the birthday party idea, get a coach to lead them through some physical activities and talk about healthy snacks.

Second, connect with local organizations looking for a place to host kids’ camps. You could rent out your gym space for two hours, mid-day for one week. Charge $150 per hour, bringing in an additional $1,500.

In Summary: There’s Big Space For Growth.

The list above is just a starting point for renting gym space, and you’re only limited by your creativity. Start by making a list of the potential business categories where you could fill a need. Then, come up with local businesses that could fit into those categories. Finally, start reaching out to each of them to gage interest in using your space.

Once you start driving revenue, be careful not to overcommit. Also, don't be afraid of trial and error to find out which options work best for you and your business.

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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