Why GymJobs Is The Ultimate Resource For Hiring Coaches And More

Not sure where to start building your “dream team?" Here are some tips for where to turn when hiring coaches, selling your gym and more!

Ashley Adams
February 22, 2023
Why GymJobs Is The Ultimate Resource For Hiring Coaches And More
Not sure where to start building your “dream team?" Here are some tips for where to turn when hiring coaches, selling your gym and more!

Building a “dream team” of coaches isn’t always an easy task. Experienced gym owners will tell you it takes time and effort to find the right number - and mix - of employees. Not only are you hiring coaches that can best help your members, but you’re also looking for team cohesion. And a group that truly cares about the growth of your gym.

In a best-case scenario, you decide it’s time to hire a new coach and a long-term member of your gym steps up. They already know the culture and they’re adored by your entire community. The sign up for the Level 1 certification, excel through your coach onboarding program and start leading classes. It’s just perfect.

And in a real-world scenario, a beloved coach moves away and you need a replacement. There’s no interest from your gym members and you don’t seem to have any prospects.

GymJobs is the resource for hiring coaches

Enter GymJobs by PushPress, a free job board for fitness professionals. It’s a robust, online resource for gyms that are hiring coaches, and coaches that are looking for jobs.

Jeremy Augusta, a former gym owner with a plethora of experience in job boards, is the brains behind GymJobs. After reflecting on its first year, he commented, “We have already exceeded well beyond where I thought we would be.”

GymJobs launched in April 2022. Since the launch, more than 700 jobs have been posted and 1,347 coaches have uploaded applications. More than 2,000 coaches have resumes in the database and Augusta sends job alerts to 60,000 people monthly.

Why GymJobs By PushPress?

1. It’s Unlike Anything On The Market.

Augusta pointed out that GymJobs is currently the only job board like it on the market. It’s dedicated entirely to the fitness industry, setting it apart from other options.

GymJobs is a one-stop-shop for every type of fitness business. Employers like this CrossFit gym in Overland Park, KS have started using it to post available positions. Other fitness businesses include yoga, MMA, dance and even globogyms like the YMCA. Personal training is another popular category on the platform.

And not only does it serve employers hiring coaches, GymJobs is also a solid resource for coaches and trainers looking for jobs.

2. Qualified Applicants Only.

What truly sets GymJobs apart is that Augusta goes through every single application manually. He essentially acts as a screening process to weed out spam and determine whether the candidate is qualified. He then sends the most qualified candidates to the gym owner who’s looking to hire.

So far, Augusta says each job post he has gone through averages approximately six applicants. He ensures the applicants are qualified, both in credentials and geographically. He explains that the ultimate goal is making the hiring process much more efficient for the business owner.

Finding qualified applicants for gym coaching positions

3. Think Bigger Than Just Job Postings.

For gym owners, GymJobs isn’t limited to just hiring coaches. It’s also a valuable resource for an owner looking toward retirement. Featuring a place to buy and sell gyms, GymJobs helps gym owners turn their gym into a sellable asset.

“The idea is to help connect gym owners looking to sell their gyms,” said Augusta. “And make the next step in their career or retire.”

He added, “As gym owners, we often don’t have retirement plans or a Plan B, and selling a gym can be really hard to do. So now we’re able to connect you directly with the people who will want to step in and take it over. That’s a big blessing. It’s going to be pretty huge.”

Also of note, PushPress is currently working on a tool to help determine your fitness business valuation as well.

4. Hiring Coaches Is A Long-Term Play.

It’s been just under one year since the launch of GymJobs and Augusta is thrilled with how quickly it's grown. In fact, it has already reached the same number of job postings as it took five years for his old job board to hit.

Augusta credits both his experience and having PushPress on board. He says his weekly calls with the PushPress founders have been particularly useful. He believes GymJobs is on track to become “the LinkedIn of the fitness industry.”

Pro Tip: Want to learn about more ways that PushPress can help make running your business easier? Book a demo with the team today!
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