How a Gym Used PushPress Reporting Features to Help Prevent COVID-19 Exposure

460 Fitness had a COVID-19 exposure. They relied on PushPress reporting features to help them act quickly, save time and limit transmission to other members

James Plata
November 12, 2020
How a Gym Used PushPress Reporting Features to Help Prevent COVID-19 Exposure

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Recently, recently featured a story on PushPress gym 460 Fitness (formally CrossFit 460) about how one of their trainers exposed 50 athletes to COVID-19. Full story here

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We reached out to Velvet Minnick, owner of 460 Fitness to find out what they did to mitigate exposure and how they handled their response to their members once they found out about the possible exposure.

Here’s what she said.

"I was able to run a coaches report in PushPress in order to do contact tracing, TWO full days prior to the health department’s contact tracer called me. I was able to run the report for the given days I needed, filter by the coach. Download the excel spreadsheet and keep track of responses. I sent everyone a personal text message. I searched their name from my phone and then clicked their phone number in order to send it. It took a while to do 50 people, and I had a lot of texts in return, but the report was key in my efforts. I am extremely grateful there wasn’t any other cases, and it sorta proved that my setup is working. It’s not if a gym will have a potential exposure, it’s when. I am doing my best to mitigate as much risk as I possibly can."

She credits PushPress Gym Management Software to helping her quickly run reports on who attended classes where there was possible exposure and reach out to each member individually.

"PushPress has been instrumental in our reopening efforts, specifically with class reservations. The waitlist feature is crucial, as we have to cap our classes to maintain distances. Having Push Press manage this automatically is a huge relief of time and effort for myself and my coaches!"

In a time where negative news seems to be all that we see and hear, it is encouraging to see what other gyms have done to keep their members safe and what contingency plans they have, should an (inevitable) exposure happen.

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