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How to Increase Average Client Value with Hybrid Gym Memberships

Hybrid gym memberships are an effective option to increase gym revenue and retention. Here's how PushPress is helping you offer hybrids in your gym!

Emily Beers
February 27, 2024
How to Increase Average Client Value with Hybrid Gym Memberships
Hybrid gym memberships are an effective option to increase gym revenue and retention. Here's how PushPress is helping you offer hybrids in your gym!

Whenever you’re looking to increase gym revenue, is lead generation where you start? The good news is, your options aren’t limited to selling more memberships or merchandise. In fact, increasing ACV (average client value) with hybrid gym memberships might actually be a better option.

Every year, PushPress teams up with Two-Brain Business to produce the State of the Fitness Industry report. The 2023 report provides an unmatched analytical breakdown of the fitness industry. It shows exactly how gyms and their owners are actually performing, as businesses and as entrepreneurs.

Increase gym revenue with hybrid memberships
Increase gym revenue and retention with hybrid membership options.

One of the key takeaways from this year’s report was about hybrid gym memberships. And specifically, their ability to easily increase a gym’s ACV.

The data showed that the average price for a group class membership at a CrossFit or functional fitness gym is $165 a month. However, the average cost of a hybrid membership is $337 a month.

In this sense, it seems like a no-brainer for the small gym owner: Start offering hybrid memberships. And for PushPress clients, this is just became lot easier and more convenient.

What Exactly are Hybrid Memberships?

Hybrid memberships are recurring monthly memberships that bundle various services. For example, a hybrid client might attend two classes and one personal training session per week. Or they might take three classes weekly, along with a monthly nutrition coaching session.

There are many reasons hybrid gym memberships are a great option for members, coaches and your business. For members specifically, it’s not uncommon to progress toward wanting more than just group classes.

PushPress Product Manager Diogo Freire explained, “The industry has evolved to understand that users need and want more than just class access. We’re finding that the demand for a specialized coach or professional about an area of improvement has increased.”

As a result, Freire and his team have created they hybrid gym memberships option in PushPress. Two popular options include:

  • Unlimited classes plus one personal training sessions per week. This is ideal for clients who want more accountability or coaching to improve in specific areas.
  • Three classes per week plus two monthly nutrition check-ins. This is ideal for committed members who want additional nutrition accountability.

Four Reasons to Consider Offering Hybrid Memberships.

1. Provide Clients Cost-Effective Options.

Most gym management systems can make personal training feel cost-prohibitive for members. For example, let’s say you have a member who wants to get better at a certain skill. Without hybrid memberships, they’re required to buy a personal training package. This gets billed manually and upfront, on top of their membership. And sometimes this can cause sticker shock.

On the other hand, hybrid membership billing means they can be billed monthly on a recurring basis. Spreading out the payments makes the total more palatable.

Hybrid gym membership billing
Hybrid memberships give members a cost-effective way to combine group classes and personal training.

2. Generate Gym Revenue.

According to the Two-Brain industry report, gyms billing hybrid memberships bring in an average of more than twice the ACV of group class memberships. Simply by charging a premium for high-ticket gym services, revenue is shown to increase exponentially.

In addition, hybrid memberships provide a more predictable income for your gym. Traditional personal training or nutrition packages will run out of sessions. At that point, you have to focus on getting clients to renew. With hybrid gym memberships, the payments are recurring and automatic.

Finally, clients are actually less likely to cancel when the payments are recurring. This is beneficial for their overall consistency and results, increasing gym retention numbers as well.

3. Reduce Administrative Tasks.

As a team of gym owners ourselves, we know that anything that reduces admin time can be a game changer.

Now, there’s not need to bill clients separately for each of your gym’s services (personal training, nutrition coaching, etc.). Instead, you can consolidate them in one membership. On the purchasing end, it’s just one transaction as well.

4. Expand Your Reach.

For most gyms, group classes are done in person. However, hybrid gym memberships allow you to expand your reach with different options.

Online fitness coaching
Hybrid memberships allow you to offer online fitness or nutrition coaching options, to expand your reach.

For example, consider offering remote coaching or nutrition sessions for clients who might live farther away. Or, if you have members that want accessory work and have a home gym setup, consider a hybrid with individual design programming.

Pro Tip: Ready to start offering hybrid gym memberships? PushPress Core can help! Book a demo with our team today for more information!

The Future of Hybrid Gym Memberships.

Because the fitness industry is always evolving, PushPress is too! Later this year, we plan to expand hybrid offerings to allow for other resources your gym might offer. These could include things like cold plunges or sauna visits bundled right into clients’ memberships. In addition, you’ll also be able to bundle products like protein or pre-workout into monthly hybrid gym memberships.

Further, we’re working to expanding the appointments system to allow for recurring appointments. And lastly, you can also expect to see upgraded payroll options, too.

Hybrid gym memberships are a powerful option for increasing your ACV. And now with PushPress upgrades, you can create an even better client experience while driving revenue for your business.

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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