Five PushPress Partnerships That Can Help Your Gym Today

Integrations and partnerships can be a beneficial tool for growing your gym! Here are five PushPress partnerships that can help your gym today.

Emily Beers
July 25, 2023
Five PushPress Partnerships That Can Help Your Gym Today
Integrations and partnerships can be a beneficial tool for growing your gym! Here are five PushPress partnerships that can help your gym today.

It’s no secret that the PushPress team is here to make your life as a gym owner easier. Since day one, our goal has been to save you time and help you be more efficient.

With that in mind, our gym management software is designed to provide you the specific tools you need for your unique gym. We realize the no two fitness businesses require the same things to be successful, so we customize your solutions.

This is why integrations and partnerships are such an integral part of the strategy. Essentially, we seek out partnerships with companies who are experts in their specific area. These opportunities are created either as a software integration or a business-to-business partnership. And this provides gym owners with helpful options to run their business better.

PushPress integrations and partnerships
Utilizing PushPress integrations and partnerships can help gym owners increase revenue and retention.

Zach Forrest, Director of Strategic Partnerships with PushPress and former owner of five gyms, explained why these options are so beneficial.

“PushPress integrations and partners bring added value to our customers by way of knowledge or service, insights or experience,” he explained.

How Integrations and Partnerships Work for Gym Owners:

Here are a few examples of how you can utilize integrations and partnerships to benefit your gym.

PushPress software integrates with MailChimp, a popular email-delivery platform. Using this integration, you can create email campaigns or send a single email to a group of recipients.

When it comes to partnerships, our goal is to connect you with companies that we trust. As gym owners ourselves, we’ve worked with these companies and have vetted them to be able to give you two thumbs up!

Five PushPress Partnerships That Can Help Your Gym Today.

A few examples of the partnerships for you to explore include gym programming, legal services, nutrition coaching, marketing and apparel. And with certain partnerships, PushPress customers get a discount on services.

1. Gym Programming.

Did you know that some of the top gym programming companies in the industry are PushPress partners? Current partners include Dark Horse Rowing, NCFIT, Mayhem, Park City Fit and PRVN Fitness.

And some big news if you’re currently offering - or interested in offering - youth programming at your gym! PushPress will soon finalize our partnership with Brand X Method. Founded by Jeff and Mikki Martin, Brand X is the worldwide leader in youth programming.

Youth gym programming options with Brand X
Brand X offers youth programming options for gyms all over the world.

2. Nutrition Coaching.

Long-time PushPress partner Nicole Aucoin is the founder of Healthy Steps Nutrition (HSN). HSN offers nutrition coaching programs, in addition to mentorship options to help you launch a successful nutrition-coaching program.

“Nicole runs a phenomenal program,” said Forrest. “So if anybody has questions about how to run a nutrition program, HSN’s knowledge and experience is completely leveraged for the benefit of PushPress clients.”

Further, PushPress Grow clients get access to HSN nutrition’s pre-built workflows. Designed for both current and former clients, the workflows are aimed at helping you increase your nutrition-coaching revenue. Provide value for clients and get them to take action with everything from nutrition tips to healthy recipes, and more.

3. Marketing and Sales.

For gyms looking to grow (and that’s every gym, right?) sales and marketing are a crucial piece of the puzzle. And according to Forrest, LASSO is a “no brainer.”

Run by veteran gym owners Sherman Merricks and Blake Ruff, LASSO is a lead and sales optimization marketing company. Merricks and Ruff take the time to learn about each gym they’re working with. They then craft marketing offers designed to attract the exact type of clientele each gym is looking for.

“We have not had anyone not get results when they use LASSO,” Forrest said. In fact, he explained that gym owners who use LASSO in conjunction with PushPress Grow have seen a 30 percent ROI on average in their first month.

Craft marketing offers for lead generation and conversion
Let the pros at LASSO help you craft marketing offers designed for lead generation and conversion.

4. Legal Services.

When it comes to legal services, experienced gym owners know that this is not the area for DIY projects. Therefore, PushPress is proud to partner with Affiliate Guard and GymLawyers.com.

Both companies are particularly useful in the legal space for gym owners. They’re reliable resources for protecting your business or avoiding common legal mistakes. So for instance, if you need insurance for the first time or you’re looking to sign your first lease, reach out. Or find out why your gym needs an AED. Perhaps you need to draft up an airtight partnership agreement or employee contract, these partnerships are designed to help you.

Pro Tip: Want to learn more about how PushPress can help save you time and grow your gym? Book a demo with our team today for more info!

5. Apparel and Merchandise.

If there’s one thing that every gym can benefit from, it’s having high quality apparel or merchandise that your members can purchase that show off your brand. That’s where the absolute rockstars at Forever Fierce, a custom apparel provider with years of industry experience, come in.

Forever Fierce’s customer service, response times and overall apparel quality is truly second to none. Their team is also there by your side every step of the way, from creating gym apparel and merchandise plans for the year, to helping you settle on designs that your members will love.

Coming Soon!

Forrest also noted that there are more relevant partners on the horizon for PushPress clients. Specifically, he’s looking to add a partner who can help with financial planning and tax advice, as well as business-mentorship partners.

“I would love to work with mentors to gather data on the gyms that they mentor,” he said. “So we can say, ‘Ok, on average, this mentor is improving the client’s business by x amount.” In the end, that makes it easier to vet and recommend mentors that we know will help you as a gym owner.

In Summary: The Goal is Growth for PushPress Gyms.

Partnerships and integrations are a key element to leveling-up your business. Think of these organizations as the added team member you never knew you needed. Nobody makes it to the CrossFit Games, or climbs Mount Everest, or builds a successful business without the right team in place.

So as a PushPress client, your team is already vetted and proven to help you, Forrest explained.

“We look for areas that gym owners need help the most,” he said. “And then we try to go out and find the experts in those areas. And just boom, plop those experts in front of our owners.”

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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