Say What?! $3,700 Up For Grabs In The PushPress Check-In Challenge

The PushPress Check-In Challenge is almost here. It's your chance to win $3,700 in prizes and gather beneficial data to help you make business decisions!

Monica Hilton
March 27, 2023
Say What?! $3,700 Up For Grabs In The PushPress Check-In Challenge
The PushPress Check-In Challenge is almost here. It's your chance to win $3,700 in prizes and gather beneficial data to help you make business decisions!

There’s an incredibly important metric you might not - but should - be tracking at your gym. And we believe so strongly in the benefits of tracking this metric that we’re launching a huge challenge to help you. Welcome to the PushPress Check-In Challenge!

First, we want to show you why member check-ins are so important. As gym owners ourselves, we know that there are two types of tasks in a gym owners’ world: Ones that contribute to growth and ones that don’t.

PushPress Check-In Challenge

For example, tracking your MRR (monthly recurring revenue) is a task that contributes to growth. Cleaning toilets is not. Looking for ways to increase ARM (average revenue per member) helps your gym grow. Restocking the fridge does not. You get the idea.

So let’s focus on the important gym metrics and the tasks that move the needle at your gym. We’ll get to the PushPress Check-In Challenge details shortly, but first let’s look at the reason behind it.

Why Member Check-Ins Are So Important.

There are actually seven reasons you should be checking members in at your gym:

  1. Maintaining churn report data.
  2. Celebrating the wins.
  3. Validating membership plans.
  4. Evaluating value per check-in.
  5. Preparing for attendance spikes.
  6. Tracking limited plans.
  7. Protecting your gym from liability.

For the specific details surrounding each of these reasons, check out our recent blog about how gym member check-ins help you make business decisions.

Therefore, the goal of the PushPress Check-In Challenge is to encourage PushPress customers to increase monthly member check-ins. Ultimately, the benefits outlined above will help you improve member experience and gather key information to make important decisions about your business.

And now, it’s challenge time!

The PushPress Check-In Challenge.

The Check-In Challenge will run from April 1-30, 2023.

All PushPress customers will be automatically entered into the challenge, so there’s no action needed on your part today.

Good news: Your coaches and members are going to help you win this challenge! There are two ways to accomplish the goal. First, your staff can check members in using the all-new PushPress Staff App. Second, your clients can check themselves into classes in the Members App.

Gym members checking into class

As we designed the challenge, we knew we had to make it insanely easy for your gym to reach the goal. Staff can even do bulk check-ins in the Staff App to check in every single person in class within seconds.

We’ve even created some help docs that you can share with your team. Check out the Coach Check-In Options and the Member Check-In Options for all the details.

Tell Me About The Prizes.

Prizes will be given to two gyms, based on a first-place finish in one of two categories: Highest total number of overall gym member check-ins and highest total check-in average per member.

Both winners will receive identical prizes and several of our partners have chipped in to sweeten the pot. Here’s what the winning gyms will receive:

  • $1000 gift card from PushPress
  • One month of free advertising services from LASSO ($1499 value)
  • Two subscriptions to the one-day Healthy Steps Nutrition (HSN) Challenge Training Intensive, worth up to seven CEUs for CrossFit coaches ($998 value)
  • Coach Package from Forever Fierce with 12 shirts ($225 value)

Let’s Get This PushPress Party Started.

To recap, this check-in PR party begins on April 1st and runs through the 30th. Things you need to do today: ZERO. Things you need to do during the month of April: ONE. Simply check everyone in.

Coaches check members into class at gym

The PushPress Check-In Challenge will provide multiple benefits to your fitness business. You’ll improve the overall member experience and gain a multitude of valuable metrics to help you make business decisions. Plus, you’ll be entered to win more than $3,700 in awesome prizes.

And remember, you don’t have to do this alone. Get your coaches and members on board with the challenge, too. You’re all a team and you’re in it to win it. From the entire PushPress team, good luck!

Monica Hilton

Monica is our Content Manager extraordinaire for PushPress. She also owns her gym in Indianapolis, Together We Rise CrossFit, which she opened in 2014 and previously worked in IndyCar racing.

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