Projects in the Pipeline for PushPress Core

As a gym owner, your needs change as your business grows. So PushPress software is designed to grow with the gym. Here are some new updates coming to Core!

Emily Beers
August 3, 2023
Projects in the Pipeline for PushPress Core
As a gym owner, your needs change as your business grows. So PushPress software is designed to grow with the gym. Here are some new updates coming to Core!

From the start, PushPress has always been about helping gym owners run their fitness business better. We like to say we’re, “By gym owners, for gym owners.” Our team is comprised of current and former owners, so we truly understand this crazy adventure.

In fact, from the very top down, even the founders have experience in the fitness industry. Dan Uyemura, Chris McConachie and Brian Aung owned LAX CrossFit together, a gym they opened in 2013. It was during those days that they realized what was seriously lacking in the market. Gym owners needed a solid CRM software to run their business efficiently, so they started PushPress.

The founders have always been cognizant of the fact that what gym owners need and want is constantly changing as their business grows. As a result, PushPress software is designed to grow with the gym.

Improve member experience with PushPress Core
Updates coming to PushPress Core will improve your gym’s member experience.

For gym owners like Reynaldo Rodriguez, this was the difference-maker. Rodriguez owns Dominion MMA in San Antonio, TX and switched to PushPress six years ago. Since he doesn’t run a CrossFit gym, he often required different things from his CRM. And he credits PushPress with “never shy-ing away” from adapting to meet his needs.

“The platform has grown with us,” he said. “And all the integrations makes our lives so much easier.”

Two PushPress Core Projects on the Horizon:

Diogo Freire is head of the PushPress Core product team. He and his team are always listening to gym owners for ways to meet their needs.

As part of the constant quest to improve and innovate, Freire shared a few things that he and his teammates are working on for the future:

1. Calendar Overhaul.

In recognizing that scheduling is a significant element of a good CRM, the PushPress product team is working hard to give the calendar an upgrade.

First, the new version will simply be cleaner and easier for gym owners to manage.

Second, gyms with more complex schedules will be able to create a more user-friendly experience for members. For example, if you have a large gym with multiple classes at once, gym member check-ins will be streamlined for you and your clients.

Speaking of the calendar, coming soon is a completely new calendar version, which will make it easier for gym owners with more complex schedules. For example: It will be especially helpful if you have a big gym where you host more than one class at once.

We'll also be improving our public-facing calendars. This would allow leads and drop-ins to start the purchasing and booking process from those calendars.

2. Improved financial reporting.

We’ve created a data framework that will allow us to grow and implement feedback, quickly and accurately.

This means quite a few benefits for gym owners. First, it provides the ability to gain insights from data through improved groupings, breakdowns and views. No more jumping between reports!

Second, gym owners can see a quick overview of plans and product categories to help pinpoint the highest-performing revenue streams. On the flip side, gym owners can identify which areas are underperforming, and make adjustments to increase gym revenue.

Further, custom date ranges allow for comparisons between current and past performance. And any of the reporting views are exportable.

Pro Tip: Want to find out how PushPress Core can help you run your gym better and save you time? Book a demo with our team today!

There’s More With Core.

The upgrades and improvements listed above are the short-term goals for the PushPress Core product team. And they’re only the beginning.

The product team knows that a huge part of maintaining consistent revenue comes from your gym member retention. And this is the result of creating the ultimate member experience. So the goal is to help you do that, with products and features that help you manage leads and members, setting your gym apart from your local market competition.

Long-term, Freire and his team have an even bigger vision. They want gym owners to spend less time on admin duties in Core, and more on what really matters. They understand that it’s really about taking care of your members and your business.

This will eventually be done through more data insights and automation, Freire explained. Essentially, the goal is to put things on autopilot, freeing you up to do what you do best.

“In general for a product, a user not spending time on your product is a bad thing,” Freire said. But that’s actually not true for PushPress Core.

“The less time someone uses Core, because Core is doing so much for them that they don’t have to use it, the better,” he said.

Or as Uyemura put it, “Imagine a lot of things are just happening. All the little tiny burdens you have to deal with every day to make your business keep moving forward, it’s actually a lot. And if we can start slowly removing every single one of those things and just let you show up and coach your members, it’s going to be massively impactful.”

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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