From Slow To Fast: PushPress Product Improvements

At PushPress, we're unveiling a new product improvements process to help gym owners save time and increase productivity. Check out the details here!

Chris McConachie
November 17, 2022
From Slow To Fast: PushPress Product Improvements
At PushPress, we're unveiling a new product improvements process to help gym owners save time and increase productivity. Check out the details here!

At PushPress, one of our core values is “help first.” Our goal is to help you run a successful fitness business by providing you with the best gym management products and unparalleled customer service.

We’re excited to share that we’re entering a new phase in the design, development and rollout of product improvements. Our current clients may have already noticed these new changes and we aim to make it even more apparent in the coming months.

PushPress founders work on gym management software
Chris McConachie (left) works on product updates with James Plata (middle) and Dan Uyemura (right).

Out With The Old.

In the past, our strategy at PushPress was striving to ship the best possible feature, taking into account all use cases. This means we would refine it to as close to perfection as possible before it would ever see the light of day.

However, there was an issue with this approach: It was slow for gym owners to see improvements in the product. So like we always do as we strive for incremental perfection, we set out to improve the process.

In With the New.

In a nutshell, we came up with a new plan: Ship fast and ship often!

For each project, we now strip away the things that are not critical to launch, with the goal of launching quickly. Once the product is out, we rapidly improve. This means we incrementally stack functionality onto the initial release until it’s “feature complete” and gym owners are happy with it.

So, how fast is fast? For mobile apps, you could see new versions as frequently as once per week. And for the Control Panel, it could even be daily.

The PushPress Process In Motion.

We’ve already started implementing this improved process, so PushPress clients are experiencing the outcome. To show you what this actually looks like, here are a couple examples:

Example 1: The PushPress Staff App

We launched the PushPress Staff App a few weeks ago with just a few of the basic features gym owners needed. Getting it in the hands of coaches gave everyone a chance to play around with it. With a sense of the direction we’re headed in, users could start to learn it and anticipate more.

With the weekly update cadence, additional features have since been added. These functions include swapping the class coach, canceling a class or a member check-in and changing class capacity.

What we want gym owners and coaches to know about the Staff App is that we’re just getting started! There’s so much more utility we plan to pack in, and can’t wait to see how it helps you save time and increase productivity.

Staff App

Example 2: Landing Pages

The launch of PushPress Landing Pages provided an interesting challenge for us: A critical - and missing - component was needed to take payments in Europe. So while we were ready for the U.S. launch, that component was not yet available to us. After much contemplation, we made the decision to start with a U.S. launch.

Since then, we’ve been gathering customer feedback. This allows us to iterate rapidly and push out small updates daily. And we’re happy to say we anticipate access for European PushPress clients shortly.

Landing Pages
Pro Tip: Want to learn how to save time and run your gym more efficiently? Book a demo with the PushPress team today for more info!

Want More PushPress Products? Communication Is Key.

At PushPress, we love your feedback! Hearing from gym owners about what’s going well and what isn’t allows us to plan and prioritize projects. As with all technology, there will be bumps in the road but you can trust that we’re on it. Many of our team members are gym owners themselves who use the same products you do. We relate to you and we appreciate your input.

When you have feedback to share, simply use the Control Panel. Let us know what you deem as critical, or missing for the way you run your business. Our Facebook Community group is also a good place to communicate. But just a reminder that we can triage or fix issues and squash bugs much quicker when they’re reported through the Control Panel.

Thank you for being a loyal PushPress client, and we look forward to helping you run your gym with this next “slow to fast” product phase!

Chris McConachie

As Head of Product, Chris ensures the PushPress eco-system of products meets the needs of our customers today and in the future. Influenced largely from previous gym owning experience to shape the direction of the product. He's also one of PushPress' co-founders.

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