PushPress Staff App: The Ultimate Tool For Your Coaches And Staff

It's here: Streamline your gym operations and empower your team with the PushPress Staff App! Here are four ways to improve member experience using the app.

Emily Beers
March 15, 2023
PushPress Staff App: The Ultimate Tool For Your Coaches And Staff
It's here: Streamline your gym operations and empower your team with the PushPress Staff App! Here are four ways to improve member experience using the app.

The right technology can save you time and energy in your gym, and help you focus on the important stuff. The same goes for your coaches and staff. That’s exactly what the PushPress team had in mind when they set out to launch the Staff App.

Here at PushPress, our team is comprised of gym owners - both current and former - so we understand your struggles and responsibilities. Our goal is to help you streamline your gym operations and empower your team with an intuitive, easy-to-use app.

When we set out to create the Staff App, we explored options for making your gym run more efficiently while also improving your client experience.

Check members in for classes using the app

Ultimately, by eliminating the need for multiple tools, you and your staff can keep your focus on your members.

PushPress Product Manager Adam Rubemeyer explains multiple ways the PushPress Staff App helps you and your coaches.

Benefits Of Using The Staff App:

1. Put The Focus On The Members.

Your coaches obviously play an integral part in creating the ultimate gym member experience. When members show up for classes, staff should’t have their faces buried in a computer at the front desk.

Rubemeyer explained that with the PushPress Staff App, “coaches don’t have to turn their back on the class and go to the computer.”

Member check-ins can be done quickly on a coach’s phone, allowing them to stay on the gym floor and converse with members.

Rubemeyer added that there’s even a bulk feature, so coaches can check in multiple people with just one click.

PushPress Staff App

2. Keep Clients On Track.

Another great feature is the ability to look up members and connect with them right in the Staff App.

For instance, if a member happens to no-show twice, your coach can reach out for an update. They can send a quick text, email or call to help get your member back on track.

Rubemeyer explained that this goes a long way in improving the member experience. He said clients will know that you’re paying attention to them, both on the gym floor and when they need motivation to get back in.

3. Simplify Coach Communication.

In the past, coach communication has turned into a headache for a lot of gym owners.

Maybe you started with Facebook Messenger but one coach wasn’t on social media. Then one coach had an Android when the rest had iPhones so you tried WhatsApp. Then it was multiple text groups for different gym campaigns.

The PushPress Staff App brings together the helpful features of all these platforms to make communication more efficient. The chat feature allows for quick and easy connection between your team, all in one place.

Rubemeyer said that ultimately, the Staff App is designed to “empower coaches to stay connected with other staff members.”

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And better yet, since coaches will use the app to check people in before class, they’ll actually see relevant messages in a timely matter. So when one of your staff needs to inform the team about Sally’s hamstring issue, the coach who’s about to have Sally in class will be in the know.

Improve coach communication for member experience

Members will appreciate the attention coaches pay to their needs. And in the end, this will lead to increased retention number and gym member referrals.

4. Focus On The Future.

New innovations for the PushPress Staff App are just around the corner too, and Rubemeyer shared a few of the details:

  • Store: Coaches will be able to sell products and merchandise, and collect payments, directly through the app.
  • Appointments: For personal training, nutrition programs or other high-ticket gym services, coaches will be able to book appointments seamlessly in the app.
  • Celebrations: The PushPress Staff App will soon provide notifications to coaches about member birthdays and anniversaries, so they can celebrate with members in class.

In Summary: Using Technology For Improved Member Experience.

According to Rubemeyer, the PushPress Staff App is the all-in-one solution your coaches need to do their job well. He says that since the app was designed by gym owners, it solves the issues and improves the process.

“It’s all focused specifically on the action the staff member needs to take,” said Rubemeyer. “So instead of making the staff member jump around from the Members App and the being on a computer, we’re trying to bring all that into just one place and give them a clear focus.”

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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