How One Gym Owner Uses PushPress Technology To Run Two Gyms

Gym owner Chris Williams used to spend countless hours on admin tasks. Now, with the help of PushPress, he's enjoying running two successful gyms!

Emily Beers
March 28, 2023
How One Gym Owner Uses PushPress Technology To Run Two Gyms
Gym owner Chris Williams used to spend countless hours on admin tasks. Now, with the help of PushPress, he's enjoying running two successful gyms!

Prior to the pandemic and discovering PushPress, Chris Williams’ average client revenue never got higher than $150 per month.

Williams, who owns CFT Fitness in Tracy, CA, says that number generally hovered between $130 and $150.

A few years later, that number has increased substantially to between $195 and $205 per month. In addition, Williams owns a second gym - Altamont Performance Lab in Tracy, CA - which generates an average client revenue of around $350 per month.

He credits much of his growth to improvements in the client and coach experience. Both of which, he says, happened when he made the switch to PushPress.

How PushPress helped CFT Fitness Grow

Four Ways PushPress Makes A Difference.

1. Increased Quality Of Leads And New Clients.

Williams describes PushPress Grow as a “game changer” for lead generation, management and communication.

“The minute I switched from (our old) website to the PushPress website we saw a 30 percent increase in leads, and qualified leads, in the first month alone,” he said.

He recalls that there was somewhat of a disconnect happening on his former website. He was getting visitors but was unable to get them to take action. The new PushPress website fixed that, directing traffic to a clear CTA (call to action).

“That was the biggest thing I noticed right away,” said Williams, who has a Masters Degree in marketing. “It was immediate. Like flipping a switch.”

2. Easier Higher-Ticket Membership Sales.

The automated workflows in PushPress Grow have also helped to increase Williams’ ARM (average revenue per member).

He says he took the time to dial in the communication and it has paid off. As a result, automation is an effective piece of the puzzle for selling high-ticket gym services. He’s able to help his clients even more with options like personal training and nutrition coaching.

“I think the funnels are like anything else,” said Williams. “You have to put time into learning them. And the more we have learned, the more fine-tuned they have become.”

Chris Williams with family
Chris Williams with wife Alexis and son.

Ultimately, he credits the “constant contact” that leads and members receive from the workflows. The consistent touch points clients receive prompt them to take action.

Simply providing information on a regular basis helps people realize it’s a combination of fitness and nutrition that will bring them results. As a result, more clients have asked about - and purchased - nutrition coaching and personal training.

“PushPress takes a lot of the hard work off your plate by giving you a platform and a structure,” said Williams. “And some pre-written stuff to build off that has helped a lot.”

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3. Improved Client Experience.

From an ease-of-use standpoint, Williams explained that PushPress has been huge for improving his gym’s member experience.

First, it’s been much easier for him to show some of his more “technologically-challenged” clients how to use the PushPress Members App. Second, it also provides members with a variety of options to take action.

For example, the app allows clients to easily keep track of their scores and performance in class. They can leave even leave notes to refer back to as they progress their training. In addition, they can purchase supplements and apparel, with just a few clicks from the palm of their hand.

Plus, when Williams runs pre-orders for upcoming apparel launches, the app makes it simple for members to add items to the list.

“They can also book spots in (upcoming) events and seminars and clinics,” Williams said. He added that this made it a lot smoother for them to return to their pre-COVID ways as they emerged from the pandemic.

4. Simplified Coach Training.

Finally, Williams noted that training new coaches to use the software has been a breeze after switching to PushPress.

CFT Fitness Coach

In the past, it was nothing short of a process. He recalls that training coaches on the old software “would have taken hours and days.”

Now, he said it only takes him about 20 minutes to bring a coach up to speed. From signing up a new client to billing members for a product purchase, it’s a quick learning curve. Williams says the software is intuitive and simple to use, so there are no hiccups.

All of this has gone a long way in helping him get to a point where he no longer has to coach classes at either of his locations. Instead, Williams says PushPress has played a role in allowing him to focus all of his time on what he does best: Developing coaches and managing his two flourishing gym businesses.

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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