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Big News: Training Think Tank is Now Available on PushPress Train

Have you considered outsourcing your gym programming? Here's why you should consider Training Think Tank, now available on PushPress Train!

Emily Beers
April 23, 2024
Big News: Training Think Tank is Now Available on PushPress Train
Have you considered outsourcing your gym programming? Here's why you should consider Training Think Tank, now available on PushPress Train!

As part of the comprehensive lineup of world-class programming options on PushPress Train, we’re excited to announce the addition of Training Think Tank (TTT).

Based in Alpharetta Georgia, TTT might best be known for its team of world-renowned coaches and elite CrossFit Games athletes. Noah Ohlsen, Alexis Raptis, Jake Berman, Anikha Greer and Lauren Fisher are all part of the TTT lineup.

TTT on PushPress Train
PushPress is excited to announce the addition of TTT on Train. (Photo credit: Training Think Tank)

But that’s only one side of the story. TTT also offers affiliate programming designed for everyday athletes in gyms around the world.

We recently sat down with Coach Mike McGoldrick to talk about the launch of TTT Affiliate programming options on PushPress Train.

Reasons to Outsource Gym Programming.

McGoldrick began by saying that more and more gym owners are realizing there are several reasons to outsource programming. From saving time to combatting gym owner burnout, it can be a game-changer. And he’s excited for the ease of rolling it out on PushPress Train.

“It’s just growing in demand,” he said. “Part of running a successful and good affiliate program for gyms is making sure the programming has got to be great. But I want to take care of the things that make your job easier, too.”

He recognized that at first, some gym owners are hesitant to trust their programming with someone else.

“It’s not easy running a gym,” he said. “It’s a lot of work. And I think if you’re starting to feel burnt out, and you’re losing passion in writing the programming yourself, and you feel like you’re kind of getting stuck in your own mundane processes, this can be a fresh perspective. And it can allow you to have this professional structure so you can take it to your coaches.”

For gym owners who have already switched to TTT Affiliate programming, the feedback has been positive. McGoldrick said it brings a “refreshed and rejuvenated sense of accomplishment.” Not only for gym owners, but to coaches and clients as well.

“The members will see the coaches are enthusiastic about the new programming,” he said. “It just comes from the top down.”

Training Think Tank affiliate programming
A coach at TTT explains the workout to CrossFit class participants. (Photo credit: Training Think Tank)

A Track for Every Level.

We asked McGoldrick to outline the options gym owners get from TTT Affiliate programming on PushPress Train. He explained that from a big picture perspective, there are two paths: Compete and Fitness.

First, according to the TTT website, the Compete path is catered to a more competitive gym environment. It includes high-skill gymnastics progressions and Olympic lifts. MetCons are catered to those who want to perform well in the CrossFit Open at an amateur level. It will include workouts with various types of machines, rope climbs, GHD sit-ups and other things traditionally seen in CrossFit qualifiers and competitions.

Second, the Fitness path is designed for an environment where high skill/competitive movements and intensity are not the priority. There will still be challenges & skill progressions, but less aggressive in nature. These workouts will also include plenty of options for gyms with limited space or equipment.

McGoldrick explained that the Fitness path has “more of a longevity focus.”

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What You Get with TTT on PushPress.

When you subscribe to TTT Affiliate programming on PushPress Train, you get access to both tracks. Within each one, there are various modifications for both movements and equipment.

For $135 a month, TTT Affiliate gyms also get:

  • Class warm-ups and cool-downs
  • “Extra credit” programming athletes can do outside of class time
  • Coach notes to help navigate your team through training sessions
  • Daily overview video
  • Extensive resource library with videos of all the movements that will come up

In addition, McGoldrick explained that what really sets TTT apart is that they offer hands-on help for gym owners looking to make the switch. The company prides itself on having open communication with all of the coaches involved. And he personally reaches out to any gym owner that signs up. Further, TTT affiliates get access to a forum to be able to ask questions as they come up.

CrossFit coaching
TTT Affiliate programming rejuvenates your coaches and members. (Photo credit: Training Think Tank)

“It’s a process to transition your programming over,” he said. “So we have actually put a lot of effort into making that a smoother process. There’s a lot personal touch. I don’t want there to be this wall separating us from the actual coaches. We want them to feel like there is open communication.”

In Summary: Save Time and Reduce Burnout with TTT on PushPress Train.

There are several reasons to consider outsourcing your gym’s programming. And now, PushPress Train makes it even easier! Check out Training Think Tank, including two tracks - Compete and Fitness - to cater to every athlete in your gym.

For just $135 per month, you’ll get both tracks, modifications and more. Coach Mike McGoldrick says communication through the forum adds a personal touch as well. If you’re looking to save time while rejuvenating your coaches and members, sign up for TTT Affiliate on PushPress Train today!

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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